The colors, the textures, the delicateness of this door + facade stopped me in my tracks {again, yes I know, this happens a lot to me, I get my breath taken away by these things + I just have to stop}. I was walking home on Pyrtania St. + noticed this house. It needed some love for sure, but there was something about the door that I would not change. It is perfect in my eyes. The surrounding exterior walls were white plank board + the right side of the house was a faded shade of dusty pink. It almost looked like a doll house with it's pastel colors, each side + story was painted a different color. It seemed abandoned, but who knows with these houses. New Orleans has a way of having a hard facade, but you walk into the house + low + behold it's amazing. Similar to an amethyst, you cannot see the beauty of it until you crack it open + reveal what lays inside. Anyway, I digress {the thought train continues}.

All photographs are taken with an iphone 4 + VSCOcam app.

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