Today I'm {all in one} Minnie Mouse // GaGa // DJ DeadMau5 // Anna Dello Russo. Yay for Halloween + have a scary day!

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It is the Eve of Halloween {so excited}. Yes, I have been a procrastinator + have not completed my costume {hopefully tonight}. I have tried to refrain from copious amounts of candy eating {but you know how that goes}. I also enjoy seeing what everyone else comes up with {people are just hilarious if you give them the right occasion to be}. Anywho, if you are like me {a procrastinator} + need some last minute costume ideas, check out my Pinterest costume board here {hopefully that helps}. Have fun tomorrow + this weekend {go crazy like a bat out of hell}.


Leopard print + fur {or faux} + leather {or vegan} have become a trend lately. I have a small obsession with all 3 {don't worry they don't trump my love of all black clothes}. So thought I'd share some fall + winter picks from some of my favorite shops. 

Faux Fur Long Coat, Zara // Leather Panel Pants, J. Crew Factory // Black Leather Ankle Boots, Free People // Faux Fur Fox Scarf, HotHats Etsy // Vintage Leopard Turtle Neck Sweater, MissMollyVintage Etsy

Yay for cold weather!


The weekend was so great {really fun}. Wedding festivities + college friends + Book of Mormon {amazing} + the Saenger Theater + the Joy Theater. All in all, bomb.

The Book of Mormon was sincerely funny, I'm not super into funny and don't even think most comedy is funny {gasp, I know}, BUT this show made me laugh. The Saenger looked beautiful, they did such a great job renovating it. Our seats were good, really good weekend event.

After, we got to hop across the street + check out the Joy Theater {which I didn't even know was open yet, BUT it is}. That space is legit too + sounds awesome. We were like 12 year olds in an empty gym. It's always fun to see those spaces with no people in them {gives you a whole different perspective}. So go check out the Joy Theater, they have good stuff going on.

Happy Monday!

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I've been inspired by the moon lately. Since it is getting dark earlier now, the moon comes out to play in the sky in the early evening {while I'm out running or doing errands}. It's always captures my attention {+ I gaze at it for about 2.8 seconds in awe}. Here is the moon calendar for October 2013 {no full moon on Halloween, boooo}{the next full moon to fall on Halloween night will be on a Saturday in 2020, 7 more years, I guess I'll wait}. 

This weekend will be full of celebratory events. Congrats ahead of time to Megan + David on their upcoming nuptials! Also, Book of Mormon is in full swing at the Saenger Theater this weekend. The LSU Tigers will have Homecoming and play Furman University, Geaux Tigers! The Saints will play the Buffalo Bills Sunday, Who Dat! TGIF, Happy Weekend!


Whenever you have a good morning, your day is wonderful {it makes a world of difference}. The ideas flow + everything just works {you glide through the day}. This week has been full of good mornings {hopefully I didn't just jinx myself}. Maybe it's more sleep, maybe it's running, maybe it's the fennel soup {who knows}, but whatever it is, it works. So good morning, have an excellent day.


I picked this up at Harry & David on the way home from the beach the other week. Two of my favorite things in one {skulls + coffee}. It also gives a little Halloween spirit to my work desk {love hearing the different comments about it, as I carry it around in the mornings}. It even made it into the conference room with me one afternoon. Halloween is almost a week away {yay}. Happy Hump Day!

{P.S. Harry & David have the best pears ever, try some if you are ever there, or order online}.

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Monday I took a breather {just to collect my thoughts}. This morning as I was sitting in Starbucks {yes, I'm addicted, + yes my bank account hates me for this} waiting for the bus, I looked down + saw this beautiful stream of sunlight stretched out on the floor. It peaked through the chair + table legs reaching to find an end, a stopping point. The way the cement floor absorbed the color was a perfect shade of umber {warm umber to be exact}. It was calming + reminded me that the cold is coming + gave me that feeling when the sun hits you on a cold day {it's the best feeling}. Happy Tuesday + thank you sunlight for this beautiful moment.

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All I have to say today is TGIF {thank the Lord}. I finally will have some time to let my brain relax {yay}. The agenda will consist of drinks with friends + painting + an engagement party {congrats Sarah + Andy} + last but not least the LSU game {geaux Tigers}! So TGIF, happy weekend!


Every once in awhile I catch myself running around like a bat out of hell, my mind racing, trying to do {+ think of} a million things at once {don't lie you know what I'm talking about}. I like to do everything I'm asked to do, to try + accommodate everyone {pretty sure I've inherited this from my mother, although she does this much more gracefully than I, a saint she is}. So back to catching myself, when I come to that whoa what am I doing moment, I usually stop, take a deep breath, + take one thing at a time {+ tell myself to just chill the **** out, no one wants to be around a crazy lady}. Once I get into a calmer state, I notice the little things more + the day becomes more simple. The simple things that are pretty + intriguing {like these rocks I found}. The combo of the stained wood with white rocks {to me} is breath taking {+ yes, simple}. 

So long story short {I'm bad at telling short stories, ask anyone} take time to stop being a crazy chicken + notice the simple things around you, they will most undoubtedly surprise you {+ maybe even lead you in a new direction}. That is the rant {or wisdom, however you see it} of the day. Ta ta.

TONIGHT, if you like films go to Prytania Theater for the last night of Nola Film Fest. I'm going to see the second viewing of Father-Like Son @ 9:30PM, some of my very talented friends directed + produced it. Do it!

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Yesterday was our last day in South Walton {shed a tear}. We went to Seagrove + had breakfast at Cowgirl Kitchen Market + Cafe {the breakfast sandwiches are the best}. We wandered through a few shops, I went through this rabbit hole of a path {that started on 30A} + when I came to the end voila this was the view {beautifully calm + whispering}. 

Next we drove a little further down 30A + stopped in Seaside {cutest area ever ever}. They have a great little town square area with an amphitheater, restaurants, + shops. After a quick walk around, we packed back into the van + headed back to NOLA {although it's sad to leave this dreamland, I'm always happy to go home}. Happy Hump Day {envision the camel saying this, then laugh}!

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This beach town is indescribable {but I'll try} it's perfect. Rosemary Beach {inside of South Walton} is about 40 miles east of Destin, FL. The architecture, shops, + beach front are amazing {really just perfect}. I stood on the beach + watched the sunset {duh, it's cheesy, but so necessary}. We visited CK's Feed & Supply store {great gifts, food, & wine}, had drinks at The Pearl, + ended the night with a dinner at Cowgirl Kitchen {best pizza + wine ever}. Thanks Rosemary, I'll def be back soon.

Today we will venture into Seagrove, a little further down 30A. Check back for more on the Seagrove day tomorrow. Ta ta.

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So this is another Halloween excitment rant. The 90th birthday party in Shreveport, LA was a total hit. It is always so great to hang out with friends + family. I got to decorate with some playful flowers + these beautiful little pumpkins {which reminded me again of Halloween}. Im so pumped. Again two of my favorite things {the color white + halloween}.

I am off to South Walton tomorrow for a little trip. Keep posted for a trip update. Happy Monday, hope it's a good one!

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I'm off to Shreveprt, LA this weekend to celebrate my wonderful Grandmother's {we call her Moo} 90th birthday! What an accomplishment so so proud of her and that she is the matriarch of our family. She really is an amazing woman + has lived a fruitful life {and still has more to come}. This is a little ode to her {+ her Bday card}. Happy Friday + Happy Weekend + Geaux Tigers {gators ew}.


So who is ready {me}? I love love {heart} love Halloween! Just the whole mysticism of it all, skulls/costumes/masks/weirdness {all my fav things in one day, how lucky am I?}. I always plan my costume way in advance + try to make the whole thing myself. For several years when I was little I was a Fairy every year {I think I secretly wanted to be a Fairy growing up}. My dad made me a light up wand with a gold star + everything, I had wings + glitter all over {it was magical, to me at least}. I went on to be a mermaid, Sally {from nightmare before Christmas}, Bat Woman, Indian, + Marie Antoinette. So I still like to play dress up {who doesn't, lets be real}. So GSE for Halloween, New Orleans is always fun with Frenchman or any number of parties that are thrown around the city. If you need a little inspiration you can check out my costume board on Pinterest here. Ta ta.


It's our final day in New York for CreateTech 2013 {it's been extremely insightful}. Thank you to the amazing Brooklyn Bowl for hosting us {best bowling alley I've ever been to, leather couches anyone?}. I bowled a pretty good game, then a terrible game {it's not my forte}.

We listened to some amazing people talk, topics ranged from client relations to swapping cookies {not the ones you eat} to futurism, the list of peeps is here.

To end the night we bowled, had some drinks, wandered down Bedford Ave. into a book store Spoonbill Books, had dinner at Teddys, then ended it at Union Pool. Brooklyn + Williamsburg are awesome {if you haven't been come}. So long New York.

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Yesterday was filled with traveling from New Orleans to New York. Once we landed, we jumped in a cab + headed to Williamsburg to check into the King & Grove hotel {it's cool}. Dropped our bags + immediately bee lined it to the L Train to go into Manhattan. First stop of course was MoMA {breathtaking}. We had an hour + ran around to see everything we possibly could {+ went to the museum shop, my fav}. This painting by Tom Wesselman was my favorite {it warms + intrigues you when standing in front of it}. We then wandered around downtown for a bit + stopped by Uniqlo for some quick shopping + then jumped back on the train to go back to Williamsburg for dinner + drinks with friends. First day was a success {woooo}. Off to the CreateTech conference for the day. Happy hump day!

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