Jess's closet vs. Logan's closet


There is nothing like a New Orleans rainy day. I've had plenty of rainy days in other cities and they just don't compare. It's quiet, calm, peaceful, and yes you may get drenched but somehow that is OK and it is part of the experience. This picture I took from one of our office windows overlooking downtown using the VSCO Cam app, that I have fallen in love with! 


So, it's been awhile.....a long, long while, about a year to be exact. BUT after a move and a few life changes here and there, I have finally decided to resume my post as a blogger. I have vowed this year to delve into the more creative & adventurous side of myself. Along for the ride is one of my best friends, Jessica. Though we are both Baton Rouge girls, we did not meet until college. Our friendship was then solidified over many thrift trips & bike rides. We realized we were kindred spirits through our whimsical view of life and our love of frolicking in the flowers.

So with all this said, we will be blogging together. The scope of the blog will be changing slightly since we have both relocated to New Orleans. We love this city, and are excited to be sharing our adventures here. Everything from painting to cooking to playing in the park.

Later Gator.