Sketch from the river

Another sketch from my Euro sketchbook. This is my friend Jessica, we took a tour of the Seine river on a river boat and saw the Eiffel Tower on the way. So fun & beautiful!  I miss Europe wish I could go back.....someday. Again, have a wonderful weekend! 

Weekend Fun

This weekend do something different and go see the LASM Cut! Costume and the Cinema exhibit. Since it's so hot outside, and maybe you are bored with the pool, go downtown {and inside} and see 43 beautiful cinema costumes and accessories. Have a wonderful weekend!

Love Love >>> Vintage Books

Found these vintage books on my shelf. LOVE LOVE LOVE the graphics they designed for the covers. All are letter pressed into canvas covers. These books belonged to my mother and grandmother, and were some of their favorites when she was young. The Swiss Twins was published in 1922, Dorothy Dainty was published in 1905, Little Philippe of Belgium was published in 1930, and A Bear Named Grumms was published in 1953. Enjoy!