Went + saw Yonder Mountain String Band at House of Blues last night. They put on a great great show {so much fun}. I have a soft spot for blue grass music, I spent a good amount of my childhood summers in North Carolina + was introduced to it while there. TGIF + have a wonderful weekend!

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Just playing with some color theory lately. Thought they were fun + inspiring. The wonderful world of Prismacolors {oh the things you can do}. Happy Thursday!

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This past weekend, I spent some time in Baton Rouge with my family + friends celebrating engagements + whatnot {congrats Sarah + Andy!}. Since spring is here {even though it doesn't quite feel like it yet} my parents have been prepping their greenhouse to plant the next seasonal round of veggies. My Dad built french doors out of metal grid racks to enclose each side of the greenhouse {they came out beautifully}. They are to keep the girls out {the chickens}, BUT for today they are allowed to roam, as planting has not begun yet {but soon}. Always wonderful to see my family + friends + spend time in good ole Baton Rouge {yay for hometowns}. Happy hump day! 

P.S. Don't forget Wednesday at the Square is tonight in Lafayette Square. Playing from 5-8 is Dirty  Dozen Brass Band + Louisiana Spice {I'll see ya there}.

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So, yes, I have to admit that I have fallen off lately with blogging. The chaos of life got to me {don't worry it's happy chaos}, BUT as my mom says it's security + means you are going somewhere {which I am very excited about}. We've had big things happening at work + my painting has taken off. My organizational skills + time management have been tested + I'm working on them. I've learned you just have to prioritize + say NO to things {which is hard for me}. So in the midst of last week, I just had to say NO to blogging so I could focus on a few other things. It is all one big learning process, I like being tested + challenged {so bring it on}. I think this week I'm more prepared so we will see, wish me luck. There will be more painting updates this week, stay tuned!


Love all the shadows playing on the floor this morning in my office. Just sharing. It has been a tres busy week {yikes}. Hopefully next week more new + exciting things will appear here {fingers crossed}. Happy Thursday!

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Just thinking back to my backpacking trip to Europe a couple of years ago. The three other girls I went with are some of the most amazing people I have ever met. I hold them in high regard + they are near + dear to my heart. This church in Old Town Prague, Czech Republic was beautiful + dreamy {in a gothic way}. Just looking back + sharing. I think of my trips + experiences often as they are always a part of who you are today {don't forget that}. Happy Tuesday!


So along with Lent comes those few Fridays where it is all about fish. Living in New Orleans this is no big deal, we actually welcome it + throughly enjoy it. My one exception to my vegan vow for Lent is fish {so of course I'm excited for Fridays}. There are a few places around town that have great fish + seafood dishes. Enjoy + TGIF!

Root Cohiba Smoked Scallops // Peche Raw Oysters // Oragami Tuna Sashimi // Baie Rouge Seafood & Chorizo Stew {minus the chorizo} // Juan's Flying Burrito Blackened Redfish Tacos


So Mardi Gras was a total success {always is}. The Endymion Ball was exhilerating + I didn't want to go home {it's a never ending dance party in the Super Dome}. Thank you to the Dugas family, sharing Mardi Gras with y'all is always an honor.

Now it is time to sit back + reflect on the term dust to dust. Lent is upon us. Even if you are not religious, it is a good time to be thankful + give something up just for discipline's sake. Im going vegan {with the exception of fish for a little protein}. It's not the animal thing I'm hung up on, more of just wanting to give things up + simplify. Hope everyone had a wonderful Mardi Gras + Happy Hump Day!

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