I am off to the Big Apple this week for the CreateTech Conference in Brooklyn put on by 4A's {very excited}. I'm looking forward to learning about the new technology that has come to light this year + meeting some new people {connections, connections}. I'll be sharing along the way {now off to pack, my fav}. Happy Monday!


This is the final big show PARIS Fashion Week {sad, shed a tear}. I've been watching as the collections pop up on Pinterest +, it's been intriguing. Again, I chose a fair amount of white looks as my favs {I just love how clean + beautiful white looks}. It was really exciting to see how looks + styles evolved from New York to London to Milan + now PARIS. I will say I think PARIS Fashion Week has my heart out of all of them {so many good collections} {+ it's still going on into the weekend, yay}. 

The ensembles of my liking {starting from top left} White Patterned Jacket + Dress Manish Arora // White Crop Top + Skirt Carven // White Strapless Swim Suit Chalayan // White Top, Shorts, + Coat Rochas.

Other shows I hearted were Isabel Marant // Balmain // Ann Demeulemeester. Check them out. 

More PARIS Fashion Week looks on my Pinterest Fashion board here. Happy Friday #TGIF!!


The painting has been coming slowly but surely. Here is another sneak peek of some of my work {yes I'm late on updating my portfolio site, I've been struggling with time management lately}.

With a few pieces I have been experimenting with textiles + sewing into the canvas {post paint} with yarn. I like the contrasting textures of the yarn vs. paint while keeping within the same color pallet. I pinky promise as soon as the new work is up {+ I stop procrastinating} I will post + let y'all know. Wish me luck {hopefully you will also see some of my work out + about, fingers crossed}.

I get textile art inspiration from these two wonderful artists Caroline Hwang + the duo {Robert + Janelle} at All Roads. Both are extremely talented + thought provoking. Check them out!


No not the movie {although I've been wanting to see it, Sofia Coppola's films are always bomb}.

Every once in awhile I'll wear something like this to pack a punch. It makes your hands look so much prettier typing {ha, not that anyone is looking}. It also makes that cocktail you are holding look very chic + intriguing. My friend Mary got me hooked on cocktail rings {she is the queen of them}. They can be so fun. I got this one at Blink on Magazine Street in New Orleans. Try it {it's fun}.

Tonight, Trombone Shorty will be playing in Lafayette Square for the Harvest at the Square concert series {go it's free, 5pm}. Happy Hump Day!

All photographs are taken with an iphone 4 + VSCOcam app.


So yes, I may have jump the gun a little bit, but I'm so ready for boot weather {a little too ready, but I wouldn't be my father's daughter without being overly prepared}. The weather the past couple of weeks {as most of us know in south Louisiana} has been very wet. I was determined to tailgate this past weekend {rain or shine, do you have a choice?}. So therefore, you need rain boots. Well my pair from college finally bit the dust {thank god, the leopard had to go}. So I started searching for a new pair. I wanted something simple, classic, + black. I grew up around horses {thanks to my mother} + even rode English for awhile, so I landed on these simple rubber riding boots from Dover Saddlery. Yes, I know they are riding boots, BUT they go with my winter style to a T {black skinny pants / oversized sweater / boots} {so you really can't go wrong}. They fit like a glove + don't even look like rubber. I wore them to tailgate, to the game, + really all weekend with skirts and shorts {I got a million compliments}. So these will be my new favorites for the upcoming boot season {winter}. You can get them here or extended calf here {they run small in the calf so measure first!}. Yay for boot season!

Big Thanks to Dover Saddlery for rush shipping these to me for game day, y'alls customer service is wonderful!

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The feeling of standing in Tiger Stadium watching a Saturday night LSU football game is like none other. This weekend a friend of mine gave me tickets {I was so excited + grateful}. One of my best friends + I went in the rain {in our ponchos + raincoats} to the game. The rain, the soaking wet clothes, the chants, the band, the players, the tiger dogs, IT WAS ALL WORTH IT {really it was the best}. We even stayed for half time and watched both school's band do their thing. It was marvelous. So here's to the first SEC game of the season + being in Tiger Stadium on a Saturday night {it's magical}. Happy Monday!

All photographs are taken with an iphone 4 + VSCOcam app.


So ending the week on something fun {fashion}. This week was London + Milan Fashion Week {again wish I could've been there}. Here are my favorites {again white, what can I say it's one of my favorite colors}.  While monitoring on Pinterest and flipping through show collections this week on, I noticed the London + Milan shows seemed to break out of the more expected "Spring" persona {I loved it}.

Anywho, here are some beauties {starting from top left} LFW: White Top + Skirt Temperley London //  White Shirt Dress Erdem // MFW: White Lace Dress w/ Flowers Alberta Ferretti // White Top + Skirt Ports 1961.

All of these and many more of my favorites from fashion week can be found on my Pinterest Fashion board here. Look forward to Paris Fashion Week next week {GSE}. Happy Friday! Geaux Tigers!


Lately, my go to meal has been a slice of vegan pizza from Whole Foods on Magazine St {in Arabella Station}. I make an outing of it + walk the 4 miles {round trip} from my house {have a little me time}. I grab some GT's Kombucha {Lavender} + a slice of vegan pizza, post up at the bar {across from checkout} + nerd out on my phone while I chow down {I've come to love this routine}. Now I'm not a vegan, BUT I am lactose intolerant + love my veggies. So the vegan pizza is perfect because it has a cheese substitute {yes it sounds gross/weird but is quite creamy + good}. I posted on twitter last night that I was there enjoying my usual meal + got a good response from people {so heck why not do a post}. Happy Thursday!


Every once in awhile, my roommate + I get home from work {+ don't have plans}. We look at each other and say, "It's Tuesday, Trivia?" So we walk ourselves down to Tracey's + attempt to answer the random slew of questions thrown our way over a glass of red wine {me} + a beer {her}. One of us jots down a random team name {this week: 2 Girls + A Tomatoe via me}{we are obsessed with our tomatoes we are growing currently, yes we named each one, yes we know that is a little weird}. We tell stories from our weekend {omg blah blah blah}, laugh, + then intensely analyze every single fact we think we know about each question to ensure we make our best educated guess. Some we get, others we totally miss {especially the what year questions}. Then there are times when the moderator asks us to please not shout out the answer when she poses the question {sorry that was me screaming TARA, I was proud I knew the name of the plantation in Gone With the Wind, whoops}. All in all it's a grand time + you learn so many new things {it's like mini school with drinking right?}.

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The past couple of Fridays, I have been having little dinner parties {I like to cook for friends}. A dear friend of mine brought me these one Friday + they have made our kitchen much more cheerier. I forget how pretty + different sunflowers are {beautiful}. So every once in awhile get yourself {or a friend} some flowers to brighten up the house {it's so worth it}.

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The Tigers won, the Saints won {thank God}, so we are all happy this Monday morning. The weekend was a success. Something that I've been thinking about since last week, is the inherently good. According to John Locke all of mankind is born inherently good {I too hold this belief}. 

Last week I was waiting in line to order some soup + a sandwich at Between the Bread downtown {one of my favs}. I ordered + the man behind taps me on the shoulder and states he would really like to buy my lunch. I hesitated + looked at him {probably oddly} and say oh no that was not necessary but thank you so much. He then insisted that he wanted to and needed to finish out his business trip meals. So then I very cautiously accepted {of course I'm thinking to myself that there is some hidden agenda, I'm a skeptic}. I waited for him to ask me for my number or ask if I wanted to sit with him. He did not. I told him thank you so much a couple of times, + went to sit with some girls from my office. He simply just wanted to be nice and buy my lunch for me {so nice}.

So this has really stuck with me, there are inherently good people out there, they have no hidden agenda, they just want to be nice. It has made me be more aware of my behavior towards strangers, and I too will buy someone lunch this week to return the favor {semi pay it forward act}. Anyway, hope this has inspired you to believe in the good of people + also in return be good to others {it makes people's day better}. Happy Monday.


So yes {I apologize} I went MIA this week, it has been a long long {long} week with ups + downs. BUT, I wanted to end the week on an UP {TGIF}. Some of you may know this already {some of you may not} but this week {in New York} was Fashion Week {so exciting, wish I could've gone}. Pinterest has been in a frenzy + I have been vigorously pinning + repinning my favorite looks from all the shows. {White was huge huge, obviously}.

SO here it is, my favs from the week via Pinterest. {Starting from the top left} White Top + Skirt The Row // Sheer White Polka Dot Skirt Sass & Bide // White Strapless Maxi Dress Creatures of Comfort // Transparent Penny Loafers MM6 Maison Martin Margiela.

A few other shows that I thought knocked it out of the park were Michael KorsDelpozo, +
Rosie Assoulin. Check them out.

All of these and many more of my favorites from fashion week can be found on my Pinterest Fashion board here. So happy Fashion Week, happy Friday, and happy weekend {yay}!


So my sweet mother has chickens, and last week she brought me some fresh eggs. They are delicious! I also love love love the colors of the eggs. She has 3 different breeds of chickens and each one has a different egg color {incredible}. I highly recommend trying farm fresh eggs at some point or another {you can def tell the difference}. Happy Monday!

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Lately, I have been on a serious painting kick {like serious}. I'm an abstract painter and have been focusing on minimalistic texture and lines. There are 2 artists that I'm very inspired by at the moment {some of you may know them, some not} Mark Rothko + Cy Twombly. Both were incredibly brilliant abstract painters. I think their work is so beautifully simple + moving. 

Here is a sneak peek of one of my current pieces {this is only a clip, didn't want to spoil it}. I like creating intense contrast by using neutral colors. To carry on my excitement for the Saints football season, I thought this would {again} be appropriate. 

Lastly, I will be updating my portfolio site soon with my latest work {I'm very excited about it} I have so enjoyed my painting lately. SOOOO stay tuned, new work will be up next week {I'll post when it's up}. Happy Friday TGIF!!!!

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I saw this in the Irish Channel spray painted onto the side of a house. Something so simple {6 stenciled letters} can have such a deep meaning for our city {New Orleans}. I thought this was appropriate to share since we have a big game this weekend {ew Atlanta}. So WHO DAT, WHO DAT! Gotta love the New Orleans Saints!

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Yes {if you live in New Orleans} it is quite sunny + cherry outside this morning. BUT just wait for it {the rain} cause you know it's coming. There is the season in South Louisiana {+ most of the gulf coast} where it just rains + rains {mostly afternoons}. Sometimes it's nice, but lately it has become a little much {I'm over it}. So {literally} rain rain GO AWAY

Although, {using my VSCO CAM app} I did take this eerily dreamy photo out of my office window.

{Last thing} VSCO has introduced their Grid platform, where you can upload your selected favorite VSCO CAM pics to a page hosted by VSCO. I've enjoyed curating my Grid page + discovering others Grid pages. So check it out!

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So, now is summer really really over now that Labor Day has passed? Who knows when the actual end of summer is. BUT one thing I do know is that I spent my summer in this swim suit. I never thought I would convert back to one pieces so soon in my life {from when you were 3yrs.}, but I loved it! When the thought first popped into my head early summer about trying one of these out, I asked a friend what she thought. Her response was "Girl, I've been rockin' a one piece for the past 3 years {we are in our mid 20s}." So, ok this was a good new style venture for me to take. 

The one I landed on was from J. Crew, can't go wrong with this classic {in black tulle}, you can find it here.

I wore it to most events that required a suit {unless I needed some extra sun}, and got nothing but compliments. A few guy friends even noticed and asked if I was bringing the Marilyn Monroe vibe back, yes & yes was my reply. So needless to say the venture was a success, you can wear a one piece in your mid 20s + still be cool.


Happy Labor Day! I love Monday holidays {who doesn't? makes the biggest difference}.

I found this precious vintage perpetual calendar on etsy here. It now sits proidly on my office desk + helps me rember what day it is {I never can remember}. Have a wonderful day!

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