One of my best friends is getting married tomorrow, festivities commence tonight {in true New Orleans style}! So very excited for Sarah & Andy {couldn't ask for better friends, love y'all}. Everyone have a wonderful weekend!


Such a nice Memorial Day weekend. The weather was perfect. I spent a day at The Fly with some friends, threw a football around, drank some beer, took a nap {such a relaxing day}. The Fly is a park area on the river by the Audubon Zoo. Back to real life {blah}. Happy Tuesday!

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Another abstract acrylic mono print. Love these colors, reminds me of friend Julie {classic + intriguing}. Happy Friday to all + have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! 

Artist inspiration as of late Clyfford Still // Laurent Koller // Beatriz Elorza 


I'm so excited to share with you Fifth & Mae. They are a fun jewelry + accessories shop. They have everything from dainty earrings to statement necklaces + the best thing is it is extremely affordable {I'm in love}. I like the way their pieces mix modern + vintage style. These 3 pieces mix + match well with my style + taste {they have become staples in my weekly outfits}. Thanks Fifth & Mae {love it}!


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My spring green onions bloomed + they are a beautiful shade of light purple. They add a pretty little pop of color to our deck. I grow everything in pots {we have a back deck only}, so I have a little bit of everything. Good New Orleans summer plants to grow are Basil, Tomatoes, Banana plants, Cucumbers, + Bell Peppers. Happy Hump Day!

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I love throwing dinner parties {it gives me an excuse to dress up + dote on my friends}. Last week I threw a fun dinner party for one of my best friends getting married. It was complete with a draped tent, floor pillows + greek food. It was a blast + we will had some great laughs {+ wine}. I try to collect vintage napkins + bowls + plates + wine glasses to mix + match. That way you are able to change up the theme to match your mood for the night {Moroccan anyone?}. Nothing is ever too much, just take all the things you have + throw them on the table {et voila, you might surprise yourself}.

Dinner ware + linens are from the following World Market // Anthropologie // Target // Ikea // Goodwill // my Mother's linen collection {that I commandeered}. Enjoy!

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I got through my busy week + had a nice relaxing weekend. I rested, cooked, painted, went to yoga, drank wine, + spent some good time with friends. I did all the things I've been craving to do for the past month + did not have time for {or did not make time for}. If you find yourself in a whirlwind of sorts, take time to yourself {or make time} to do the things you love. 

I did quite a lot of painting this weekend. I did some large paintings, painted some notecards, + {my new favorites} did mono prints with acrylic paint on paper. I love pairing colors together to explore the intensity + emotion they give off. These are small on 4" x 6" paper. Each color set has 3 prints, they all look slightly different. I will be posting these on loganledford.com soon, so keep posted. Happy Monday!


I've been busy getting some exciting things done + just taking some time to myself to relax. See everyone next week, have a wonderful weekend!


I'm leaving on a little vacation to get some sand + sun + to celebrate a dear friend of mine who is getting married {congrats Sarah}! I'm intently praying today that the weather holds off a little bit for us, BUT we will see. See y'all next week, happy weekend!

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It's May? Son of a nutcracker {where did the time go}! We are almost half way through the year {crazy}. Happy Hump Day!


Jazz Fest came to a close this weekend {sad}. The music was so much fun {as always, can't go wrong}. Walking out of the festival this is the view across Bayou St. John {perfect timing} it was warm + serene. Back to the real world now, I guess. Happy Monday!

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Completed this painting the other night. My dear friend Taylor saw it awhile back in progress + fell in love with it, so I finished it for her. I really like the colors + that it's a little different from my usual Black Spot series. I'm not a big yellow person BUT it definitely works here. Happy Friday + Jazz Fest. More art to come soon! TGIF + have a wonderful weekend. 

You can view more of my work here + my inspiration here.


I started painting again last night {I need it to get back to myself} + {I'll share new work soon}. It is one of things that when life gets crazy I have to run back to + it helps me let go + just be. I always love the way my pallet looks after I have finished a painting {big or small}. Sometimes they are a messy mixture of 10 colors + other times I tend to keep it clean with a few dollops here + there. All in all they are a pretty reminder of what I love to do. Happy Thursday + Jazz Fest round 2 day!

Artists that inspired me this week Sue Ninham // Wendy McWilliams // Gary Komarin // for more art inspiration follow my art board here.

All photographs are taken with an iphone 5s + VSCOcam app.