Happy New Year! Hip Hip Hooray! Have fun + be safe!


It is one of those days {+ it's Friday}. You wake up + just try to throw something on, then just lace up the Converses + go with it. I heart my gray Converses, they literally go with everything + are comfy. These sneakers also have made it through decades of fashion + are still going strong {we call this being classic, right}. I have been eyeing these black leather ones as well {ere go my black obsession, of course}. TGIF + GSE for holidays!

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I don't do a ton of food posts, but when I do, it is usually about something that I absolutely love {so I just can't help myself + have to post}. I have been on a huge grapefruit kick lately. Something about the bitter, sweet, but tangy flavor just melts in your mouth. It also reminds me of my grandfather, who ate a half grapefruit every morning with his coffee. I remember him showing me how to get the juice out of each wedge space when the fruit was gone. He loved it, so of course I loved it. Now I usually do slices, because it is more time efficient + less work {but when I have the time I still will eat it that way I was taught}.

These grapefruits I got at the Hollygrove Farmer's Market. They are wonderful. I try to go + support the Hollygrove market whenever I can + I know I have the time to cook for the week. Some weeks are a little busy + the act of cooking + making my own meals just doesn't happen {I try, I really do}. BUT when I know I have the time I bee line it to Hollygrove + buy the box. Whatever is in the box I make work + look up recipes that use what I have bought. I usually feel really good the week I eat from the market {my stomach is all smiles}. The other thing I love about Hollygrove is they are open 7 days a week + open till 7pm on the weekdays {which is huge because I work till 5:30/6 so helpful}. They are also organic + local food. So go check it out {off Carrollton on Olive St.}. Happy Thursday {it's almost Friday, whoa where did the week go}.

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Everyone has a Christmas wish list with the various things they have been eyeing all year, but have not quite made the plunge to purchase. The past couple of years I have not even really put much thought into a Christmas wish list, there is not much I need {+ the things I want I usually buy myself}. This year after reading through some of my fav blogs, I decided to do some soul searching {+ online browsing} to find the things that would make it onto my dream Christmas list {don't worry Mom, these are hopes, wishes + dreams presents}. So here is my stab at a Design Twig Gift Guide.

Gold Bike via Public Bikes // Grey Heron with Crown via Etsy // Arcopal Opalescent Tea Cups via Etsy // Vintage French Flags via Fleaing France // Oak Shield Mirror via One Kings Lane // Bronze Figural Necklace via 1st Dibs // Embroidered Photograph via Jose Romussi


Just returned from the beach {it was fun + relaxing, just what I needed}. We were in Orange Beach, FL + our condo was perfect. Something about the beach is mesmerizing + puts you in a solemn {but tranquil} trance. I spent the majority of time in the water, {not the ocean, too cold} hot tub + steam room + sauna {a weekend in these is crazy relaxing}. Saturday morning was warm + a couple of us took a 2 hour walk down the beach {wonderful}. All in all, loved my time with my beautiful friends + met some new ones. I'm thankful to have these ladies in my life. Looking forward now to the holidays + fam time. Happy Tuesday!

P.S. I have updated my LOVES page {more blogs + more inspiration yay}. Check it out!

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This weekend I'm off to the beach to spend a lovely weekend with girlfriends + to celebrate one of my best friends {Kate} getting married! So excited for her + Matt. Also pumped to relax + hang out with some great girls that I never get to see {girl time is tres tres important}. Girlfriends really are the best {don't know what I would do without them in my life}. You uphold each other through almost everything {good, bad, funny}. I have to say some of these ladies I consider sister's + I would do anything for them no matter what {you know who you are + I love you}. Ok, enough with the sap + cheese, TGIF! Have a wonderful weekend!


Here is an update of my latest work. There is an evolution I see in myself + my work every time I create a new painting. Last time I talked about how a friend of mine pushed me to do color + now I like having a little extra color in my work. It gives the eye something exciting to look at while also being so fixated on the black spot. I always start with black + white on every painting. In this one I cut away at the black with white + gold. It reminded me at how as imperfect people we try to hide our faults + fears. We try to portray a composed, put together person towards others, yet still struggle with our inner black spot per say. I have to remind myself daily I AM NOT PERFECT {even though I would like to be + try to be + my mother says I am}. So whether your go to is religion or meditation – use it, be mindful of it + take a deep breath {it's all going to be OK}. 

Artwork that inspires me here. Of course, I will post more as the evolution of my work continues. It's almost Friday yay!


I am loving this new trend of eye fashion that collections like Kenzo // Comme des Garcons // Bengt have been rocking lately. The eye was my main go to doodle when I was younger {+ bored in class}. Something about it fascinated me, I still to this day have doodled eyes on my work notes + in sketch books etc. I have been seeing it pop up on t-shirts, sweatshirts + leggings this season {super inspiring}.

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Happy Hump Day!


Our deer Murray got into the plaid too! The Christmas Party was fun + we so enjoyed all of our friends who came. Now it's time to find presents for everyone {yaaaay}! Have a great Monday!

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So the French Hen + I once again spent the night running around doing errands, buying some liquid courage, grabbing a quick dinner, + then more decorating {yay}. I spent about an hour on a ladder {but it was totally worth it}. Our theme this year is plaid + I wanted to outdo myself from last year {+ I think I may have}. A friend of mine gave me some oyster shells + I drilled holes into them + made garland {it was actually pretty easy, thanks to my Dewalt Drill}. I have a plethora of plaid bunting flags + used red colored rope to string them. All of these are DIYs + are very easy. There will also be a debut of gold pine cones, red wool rope, silver tinsel, silver stars + chain garland {along with our beautiful tree}! We are super pumped {more pictures later, stay tuned}! TGIF people + WHO DAT!

More Holiday DIY Studio DIY // Design Love Fest // Hank & Hunt have fun!

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So the French Hen + I have continued to deck the halls! Last night I made a copious amount of garland {many varieties}. Hoping to share those tomorrow, as they will be more complete! Getting closer + closer to Christmas {exciting}!

If you are in need of some holiday inspiration check out these places Merry Merry // Bungalow 5 // The House That Lars Built // Modern Country

Yay for Thursday!


So the French Hen + I {roommate + me} commenced on the house Christmas decorating last night. I always come up with grand ideas that take lots of time {typical me}. Then somehow always get it all done even if it's 5 minutes before our big night. 

Our decor consists of our faux white tree with lots of vintage/retro ornaments + glass bead garland + birds.

I grew up having my family tree adorned with mercury glass ornaments + glass bead garland. The glass bead garland that my family has was from my father's side. They grew up in New Orleans + Mardi Gras beads used to be made of mercury glass beads, they would save all the beads + re string them into long Christmas garland strands {there is your history lesson for the day}. Sadly, Mardi Gras beads now are plastic {probably safer this way, but not as pretty}. I have always loved these + went on the prowl through Ebay + Etsy to find some of my own {success, I have 3 strands now}.

I also have a slight {or big} obsession with birds. Maybe it's from watching Hitchcock's The Birds at a young age, maybe it's from bird watching with my grandfather on Cross Lake, or from my love of feathers {who really knows}, BUT regardless I love birds. So there are lots of vintage + antique bird ornaments on our tree {+ some even get stuck in my hair}.

This year it's a plaid plaid world out there {more on this later}. Happy Hump Day!

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The break was wonderfully relaxing + fun {I so needed it}. I turned my brain off {with the exception of the Thanksgiving table}. This year I went tropical {with a side of Thanksgiving}. It was about to freeze + our beautiful banana plants were going to bite the dust. So I took advantage of the large luscious green leaves + fruit {et voila, a table centerpiece}. Loved how the color pops here. I picked the largest leaves for the table runner, then put the baby bananas around a vase with some pecan branches. I then glued small pieces of chinese tissue paper to the branches to make small flowers + add some color. It was a hit. I ate way too much food {but you are suppose to right?}, watched a ton of movies + football! Watched the tigers pull off a win in Tiger Stadium {Geaux Tigers!}. Couldn't have had a better weekend {now back to the real world}.

P.S. WHO DAT! Cross all fingers + toes for tonight's game!

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