So the French Hen + I once again spent the night running around doing errands, buying some liquid courage, grabbing a quick dinner, + then more decorating {yay}. I spent about an hour on a ladder {but it was totally worth it}. Our theme this year is plaid + I wanted to outdo myself from last year {+ I think I may have}. A friend of mine gave me some oyster shells + I drilled holes into them + made garland {it was actually pretty easy, thanks to my Dewalt Drill}. I have a plethora of plaid bunting flags + used red colored rope to string them. All of these are DIYs + are very easy. There will also be a debut of gold pine cones, red wool rope, silver tinsel, silver stars + chain garland {along with our beautiful tree}! We are super pumped {more pictures later, stay tuned}! TGIF people + WHO DAT!

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All photographs are taken with an iphone 4 + VSCOcam app.


  1. Really cute Logan, good job!!!!

  2. please post pics of all the decor so i can copy it all in a more pathetic/ugly fashion prior to both sets of parentals coming for xmas! :D -L