Here is an update of my latest work. There is an evolution I see in myself + my work every time I create a new painting. Last time I talked about how a friend of mine pushed me to do color + now I like having a little extra color in my work. It gives the eye something exciting to look at while also being so fixated on the black spot. I always start with black + white on every painting. In this one I cut away at the black with white + gold. It reminded me at how as imperfect people we try to hide our faults + fears. We try to portray a composed, put together person towards others, yet still struggle with our inner black spot per say. I have to remind myself daily I AM NOT PERFECT {even though I would like to be + try to be + my mother says I am}. So whether your go to is religion or meditation – use it, be mindful of it + take a deep breath {it's all going to be OK}. 

Artwork that inspires me here. Of course, I will post more as the evolution of my work continues. It's almost Friday yay!

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  1. I really told you you were perfect??