So, I walked into the office this morning and greeted everyone with "Happy Monday". They looked at me and said "Dude it's Tuesday", duh. BUT on Monday for the holiday, 2 of my friends and I wandered around the French Quater & Bywater area. I always forget how fun these areas are to get lost in, it's a tourist in your own city type of feeling, and it's extremely inspiring. I snapped a few pictures of my favorite doors we passed. This one was my favorite, the color palette was bright & gawking but wonderful. You can check out the rest of the doors here on my Instagram. We also wandered into Booty's Street Food, what an amazing surprise! Go there eat & drink & be merry, it's fabulous. So, correction HAPPY TUESDAY!

All photographs are taken with an iphone 4 + VSCOcam app.


TGIF! Hope everyone has had a wonderful Friday, go enjoy some crawfish and beer! I've just gotten into Saint Arnold's Fancy Lawnmower beer. It's slightly sweet and not too heavy. A perfect pair with crawfish & steak, which my amazing mother is cooking tonight. Hallelujah! 


Any excuse to wear a hat is a good one, we have realized we have hats we love, BUT do not wear. Maybe the occasion doesn't present itself, maybe we are a little self consicous, or maybe we live in the wrong country. Whatever the reason may be, we are vowing to try and be more spontaneous with our hat wearing. So with that being said here are our two favorites. Jess got her barret from Urban Outfitters a 100 years ago, pre a europe trip as a reminder of things to come. My hat is one I inherited from my grandfather. I fondly remember him wearing his hat with a Lacoste shirt and Brooks Brother's pants, a southern uniform, cigar and all. So, be adventurous wear a hat!