All the Jasmine is in bloom + is absolutely beautiful {I'm in awe}. I took this picture on my walk home yesterday on Prytania St. The way the blooms wrap the column so delicately reminds me of lace. The Garden District in New Orleans is covered head to toe in Jasmine, an overflow of white {like a debutante ball}. The weather too today is so nice, if you have anytime at all go walk around the Garden District. Happy Hump Day!

For more beautiful gardens follow my garden pin board here.

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This weekend was wonderful at Jazz Fest {I survived all 3 days somehow}. My 2 favorites were Avett Brothers + Rodriguez. Other Jazz Fest favorites of mine are the flags, Crawfish Bread, people watching, laying in the grass, + being with my friends {all in all it was perfect}. Looking forward to next weekend {round 2}! Happy Monday!

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Everyone needs a fruit tree in their yard. Citrus trees do really well in the South + seem to be the most popular, BUT we actually have a Loquat tree also known as Japanese Plums {confession, it's not technically in our yard but it hangs over the fence}. They are sweet + a little tart {yes there is a pit, but it's worth it}. They are a beautiful color + the way they contrast against their dark leaves is eye catching. These are found throughout New Orleans, if you see it pick on + try it. Happy Thursday + Jazz Fest starts tomorrow {hip hip hooray}.

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Most people know I'm a huge fan of the color black. It is not uncommon to see me dressed in all black, BUT as of the past year{ish} something else has creeped into my obsession pool, STRIPES. They are classic + come in many colors {including black}. Maybe stripes are the new black {even though they could never replace my love for black}. Here are my stripe favorites for this summer  St. James Meridien II Shirt // J.Crew Rash Guard Top // Zara Striped Trousers // Oscar de la Renta Strapless Stripe Ball Gown {splurge}. Happy Tuesday + 3 days till Jazz Fest!


For Easter + Spring at my parents house we try to soak up as much of the wonderful weather as possible. My mother has wonderful taste in table accessories + decor. Both the tablecloth {similar} + napkins {similar} are from Anthropologie. The silver is Repousse style. The weekend was perfect, full of long meals, hilarious conversations, + naps with classic movies {my favorite}. I finally indulged in all the things I gave up for lent, {coffee + meat + eggs + dairy} it was delicious! Happy Monday + Jazz Fest is coming soon {cannot wait}!

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These sandals have been + are my tried + true spring + summer shoes. They literally go with everything + are extremely comfortable + form to your foot. Birkenstocks have been around for a good bit + I've had a pair every year since I was 14 years old. I adore them. This particular pair has traveled Europe with me, been to multiple beaches, gone on hiking + camping, powered through Mardi Gras + Jazz Fest {I could go on + on}. These are the Kairo Woven Flat Sandal, I'm thinking about getting a pair of Gizeh Sandals for the summer as well {we will see}. TGIF + Happy Good Friday + have a wonderful Easter!

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Although, it does not feel like it {this weather is depressing} it is shorts season! Nothing like a good pair of shorts. Weekend, running, festivals, camping, beach, vacation {I could go on + on}, you always need a good pair of shorts. Can not wait for this weather to lift + let my legs breath + catch some sun {Lord knows they need it, my mother sometimes refers to me as ghost, yikes}. Some of my favorites are below. Happy Hump Day! Don't forget about Wednesday at the Square in Lafayette Square starts at 5pm.


This weekend was another whirlwind {isn't it always}. Friday, friends of mine + I went to French Quarter Festival + then in grand tourist style went + had oysters at Bourbon House on Iberville + ended late wandering in the Quarter. The night was wonderful. The French Quarter is always fun {sometimes you get lost in it} + I always go somewhere I have never been. Next big push is Easter! Happy Monday.

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Today is just singing. These are the clouds outside my office window + they are lovely, just lovely. They are slowly drifting through the sky following the river. Clouds are a wondrous magical thing {they sometimes speak to you, or maybe I'm just a little crazy, either way}. It is Friday {thank the Lord} + this weekend is French Quarter Fest in New Orleans. Every year it has gotten bigger + better. Very much looking forward to enjoying the music + food + friends in town. TGIF + have a wonderful weekend.

All photographs are taken with an iphone 5s + VSCOcam app.


Lately, I have been drinking a lot of green tea. One of the things I gave up for lent was coffee {11 days + counting} so tea it is for me. It really wakes me up + helps my stomach. My favorites right now are Pukka Cool Mint Green // Yogi Lemon Ginger // Twinings Jasmine Green . Happy Hump Day!


So here is a new painting I did for a friend + coworker. I love when people push me outside of my comfort zone + want more color than I typically do. It really challenges me to incorporate more composition + requires some keen editing {not too much but just enough}. I delivered this piece to my friend this weekend {for her beautiful white hallway} + she was very excited {which is humbling to me + how I view my work, so thankful it makes people happy}. I'll share more as it comes along + it's a busy month. Happy Monday!


Finally, warm weather + sunlight {hallelujah}. I think the whole world is {or at least North America} singing this {this winter has been brutal}. You can definitely tell here, because everything is blooming. We bought some Azaleas + have a Jasmine {can't wait for it to bloom}. And yes, white clothes are back in the mix. Don't forget to visit Urban Roots uptown for spring plants + flowers. Bon Mardi!