I sat down this morning to a small package on my desk {I love getting mail, it makes me giddy}. One of my sweet friends {+ a college roommate} has started making jewelry + sent me a bracelet. I absolutely love it {the little feather is my favorite part}. She always had good taste in things {fashion, interiors, colors, etc} so I knew it would be good. She is a New Orleans native who transplanted to Vail, CO {we all miss her, BUT we know she is tres happy}. So thank you dear friend for this, it is already on my wrist. If you are interested in any of her jewelry or seeing what else she designs you can email her at elizabethfavrotdesigns@gmail.com. Happy Monday!

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I frequently take the streetcar home from work downtown {another perk of downtown}. It is only a few more extra blocks to walk than the bus + it is calm and quite {at least in my head, decompression time}. The other day when I jumped on at Lafayette Square, I walked down the aisle looking for an empty seat + found one somewhere in the middle + sat down. I always stare out the window + on this particular day, I looked down + saw this. Now, I don't condone graffiti or vandalizing public property, BUT I was so thankful someone had written explicit directions for me to follow on my ride home. I felt my phone ringing in my pocket, I just let it go to VM + sat + listened. The calmness you get from not looking at your phone, not thinking about the million things you have to do + taking deep breaths is wonderful. So thank you to whomever wrote this, you inspired me to step away from the world + be still for a single streetcar ride. TGIF!

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A dear friend of mine's {Jessica} parents commissioned me to do a painting for her as a birthday present. It's such a challenge to paint the essence of someone + still keep yourself in it as well. BUT I like challenges + I think I sincerely enjoyed it. So on to the next one {as they say}. Happy Hump Day!

Recent inspiring work I have found Christopher Wool // Karine Leger // Richard Aldrich


Oh the perks of being a downtowner {specifically the CBD in New Orleans}. I enjoy working downtown in New Orleans, there is lots to do { + it makes my grandfather proud, as he is a retired CBDer}. The commute to + from downtown is not that great I have to admit {it's a little tricky} BUT once you get here it's fine. So here is a list of a few of my favorite things about downtown. The view from my office {bridge + river} // Coffee via PJs on Camp St. // Sit down lunch via The Store on Gravier St. // To go lunch via Rouses Grocery on Barrone St. // Shopping lunch break via UAL on Chartres St.// Happy Hour via Domenica in the Roosevelt Hotel on Baronne St. // Transit via the St. Charles Streetcar. Happy Tuesday!

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The count down begins. We have exactly 46 days till Fat Tuesday, BUT only 28 days till the first big parade of the season {Krewe du Vieux}. It is a magical time of year in New Orleans {there is nothing like it}. It's like Halloween + New Year's Eve on steroids for a week. Cannot wait. TGIF!


I was very meticulous last week {when we had the freezing weather} to bring all my plants {the babies} inside, so they didn't freeze their petunias off. In doing so my ornamental cabbage has blossomed, + is quite lovely right now {+ it's good luck for the new year}. I get the majority of my plants {including this one} from Urban Roots on Tchoupitoulas Street. I adore my little garden on my back deck. I try to grow seasonal herbs + veggies with a few flowers to brighten things up. If you are wondering what to plant when {especially in New Orleans, since our weather is crazy} check out a vegetable guide here + an herb guide here. Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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I've been on the look out for a new purse + just want something simple + black {so it will go with everything}. Here are my picks. Happy Monday {hopefully it's not too dreary with this weather}.

Plain Shopper Zara // Basic Tote Baggu // Vegan Leather Tote Urban Outfitters


Here is a another new painting of mine that I did for a friend as a gift. It's a cute little 10" x 10". It's gold leaf paint + looks like flowing water. It reminds me of a tributary map of the bayous, rivers, + basins we have throughout our beautiful state.

I have finally updated my portfolio to include some of my more recent artwork, check it out here + click through to the right.

Lastly, WHO DAT, WHO DAT, WHO DAT SAY DEY GONNA BEAT DEM SAINTS! I have nothing but the highest hopes + goodwill for the game this weekend. Cheers to our boys in Black + Gold! TGIF!


Today is beautiful {+ warming up woohoo}, time to pull out the shades. Unfortunately, I have lost my favorite pair + need new ones.  There are all kinds of shapes + styles out there {makes it very hard to decide}. Which shapes do you like the best + fit your face well? I've been doing research {which I guess is also called shopping, but research sounds better}. I have picked out my top three.


A plane with this banner is flying around downtown today {very inspiring}. We are all anxiously waiting for Saturday to arrive {specifically 3:35pm}. The Saints play the Seahawks in the second round of the playoffs in Seattle. All I can say is a Hail Mary + WHO DAT + Believe! Happy Hump Day!

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Back to life, back to reality {yes, I know cheesy, but I had to}. Ever since basically Halloween, I have been in holiday run around mode. Especially in the past 2 weeks, I can't even remember what I did {all the days run together}. SO, now that things + the holidays are over {until Mardi Gras} I can breathe + come back down to reality for a little bit. Time to organize, straighten, + take care of some figurative paper work. I also wanted to venture into doing more reading + research on creative communities that are out there. This group, Creative Mornings, has speakers from around the world giving talks on what they do + how they got there {very inspiring}. McSweeny's Internet Tendancy site is a good daily humor read if you need a good laugh in the mornings. Lastly, if you are looking for a fun project on a global scale check out The Sketchbook Project, they are everything from painting to writing + lets you work with people around the globe {it's really fun}. Anywho, hopefully those sites will help give you the energy boost you need to push on into 2014! 


I had an amazing weekend {full of running around here + there}. One of my best friends got married {congrats Kate + Matt}. I was honored to stand in their wedding + share this step into the future with them. Everything {+ I mean everything} was to the T perfect. The flowers, our pearl necklaces {thanks Kate}, our hair, the people, the music, the dancing, the food {I could go on and on}. Even though at times weddings + their parties can seem a bit hectic, it is all worth it {especially to spend time with those you love so dear}. All the things you worry about {walking slow, hair, + makeup} seem to melt away as you stand there watching two of your friends commit themselves to each other {because that moment is so humbling + inspiring}. So when you find yourself getting wrapped up in details, remember to step back + focus on the big picture, LOVE. Happy Monday!

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Every year {in a round about way} I roughly go over in my head what I want to change {+ I usually never stick to it}. This year, I really want to make some realistic goals for myself {+ try my best to stick to them}. So here it goes PAINT MORE // PRAY + MEDITATE DAILY // BRING LUNCH FROM HOME // COOK MORE // RUN + WORKOUT WEEKLY // GO VEGAN FOR A MONTH. I really think these are realistic + will boost my morale. Happy 2014 everyone!