LA Picks >>>via Etsy

So Etsy is one of my favorite favorite places to go and look for vintage & handmade finds! So I found some that are all Louisiana related, that I love and thought I'd share. Enjoy! From here 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7.

Want your thoughts*

I'm pretty much done with the new layout, I might add a few tweaks here and there. I just wanted something light and clean looking that would allow my posts to pop more. Give me your input I want your thoughts! Have a good weekend!

le canapé francais

I so desperatly want & love these reupholestered french style sofas. I am in need of a sofa, and am searching for one to redo. Anyway these are so inspiring//simple//beautiful//I want one! Hope you fall in love with them just as much as I have. Got these from here 1, 2, 3

Makeover>>pretty pretty

So I've been inspired to makeover Design Twig! It will look new and fresh next week! Yay!

It's all coming back to me, coming back to me now

Check back next week for new posts, I have been busy freelance//work//pinterest//who knows what else. See you next week!

Sketch from the river

Another sketch from my Euro sketchbook. This is my friend Jessica, we took a tour of the Seine river on a river boat and saw the Eiffel Tower on the way. So fun & beautiful!  I miss Europe wish I could go back.....someday. Again, have a wonderful weekend! 

Weekend Fun

This weekend do something different and go see the LASM Cut! Costume and the Cinema exhibit. Since it's so hot outside, and maybe you are bored with the pool, go downtown {and inside} and see 43 beautiful cinema costumes and accessories. Have a wonderful weekend!

Love Love >>> Vintage Books

Found these vintage books on my shelf. LOVE LOVE LOVE the graphics they designed for the covers. All are letter pressed into canvas covers. These books belonged to my mother and grandmother, and were some of their favorites when she was young. The Swiss Twins was published in 1922, Dorothy Dainty was published in 1905, Little Philippe of Belgium was published in 1930, and A Bear Named Grumms was published in 1953. Enjoy!

Euro Sketchiness

Just some sketches from my Europe trip last summer, I wish I was going again. So just reminiscing I guess. Hope everyone has a wonderful summer!

Live after Five

Don't miss the last Live after Five of the season! Downtown Baton Rouge tonight! Have a wonderful weekend!

Pattern your heart out

Fun vintage fabrics from sheets and pillow cases. Colorful and pretty, vintage print fabrics can always be mixed in with your new decor. Try it out!

I'm in love with summer

I'm newly obsessed with summer accessories, this is my fav so far. This is a vintage faux white ostrich leather purse, and it fits all my purse must haves perfectly. White is my favorite summer color {along with blue}. Enjoy your week!

Stripes you say?

I did some spring cleaning this weekend, and switched out winter clothes for summer! I got rid of lots and have more room, yay {that means I can go shopping, right?} So, I got to my tee shirt drawer and was amazed at all the striped tees I have. So here you go, get your stripes on {literally}! Happy Monday!


I'm adding a new category to the blog, my day-to-day sketches. I sketch all the time for freelance projects & for personal use. So, I decided to share. Hope you enjoy, and that it inspires you to sketch as well. It's fun, therapeutic/relaxing, & cures boredom!

Happy Mom Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there! I don't know what I would do without my mom, she has always been my biggest fan! Love you mom! Happy Sunday!

Neon Robotics

Love, love, love these neon robots. By an anonymous artist painted on a structure near the Mississippi levee. There were at least 15 total, but these were my favorite. The color and sharpie outlines make them pop perfectly against the graffitied background. Wish I knew who this was! 

Paint your knees

Fun garden gate art. Cut off those annoying cypress knees and paint them! Attach them anywhere in your garden to have a colorful effect. These are by Lindsay Ledford. Go be creative!

Happy Easter/Bunny Day/Egg Hunt Day!

Happy Easter everyone! I will resume blogging this week, stay tuned! Have a wonderful Easter holiday!

Victorian images from Victoriana.

Woof Woof!

This weekend go to Woofstock Fest! It will be throughout the Acadian/Perkins/Hundred Oaks area. Come visit me at the arts market from 4-8 in the Zeeland Street Market parking lot. Look for the light + write tent. ALSO, the coffe shop formerly known as perks will be opening as the new Garden District Coffee GSE! I always need some coffee in my life. Have a wonderful weekend*

Flagged Down

New flags from light + write. Made from vintage fabric & handkerchiefs with a natural jute rope.  Light + write will be at the Woofstock arts market this weekend {Saturday 4-8 in the Zeeland parking lot}. Go check them out! 

She is such a card!

New cards and stationary from light + write! They are sewn with ribbon + beads, also printed stationary. Available in white or natural brown. Light + write will be at the Woofstock arts market this weekend {Saturday 4-8 in the Zeeland parking lot}. Go check them out!

Lamp It Up

New lamps from light + write. The lamps are made from salvaged oak trees and lumber. Light + write will be at the Woofstock arts market this weekend {Saturday 4-8 in the Zeeland parking lot}. Go check them out!

I love new things!

Thank you for all my beautiful birthday presents! The table and mirrored tray are from Aladdin's Lamp Antique Store. Can't wait to eat all my chocolate! Hope everyone had a fun weekend!

Saturday shop till you drop >>> Plants!

This Saturday, all you can buy>>>plants! For more info visit Hilltop Arboretum. Have wonderful weekend!!

I spy flowers in my backyard

drawings above by Logan Ledford

I have been missing drawing lately, so I drew my favorite flowers from my garden {and the surrounding neighborhood}. They are not all native to Louisiana, BUT they all definitely remind me of southern Louisiana spring time. So>>> enjoy the spring time + the flowers {but not the allergies}!

Cat! Cat! Oh, Cat... ohh...

This weekend go see one of my favorite movies of all times {I'm sure it's many other people's favorite too}. They are playing it at the Manship Theatre in the Shaw Center downtown. This Sunday pre-party starts at 2pm and film viewing starts at 3pm. Get dressed up>go downtown>watch a classic movie!

Go on a trip + take a pic

So, we all take a million pictures when we go on trips of buildings or famous landmarks. Then you get home, and say "What do I do with all these random pictures, that I'm not even in?" Well add some funky text {maybe labeling the place in the pic} and then you have a piece of graphic art to frame and say, "Hey I've been there {and I took that pic}!"

These are from a Europe trip, and I used the native language of the country the picture shows. It's fun, and can be a framed series!

A Little Vintage

Just a little Black + White vintage inspiration. All of these are classic items that will go with any outfit. All were found at America's Thrift, Goodwill, or Aladdin's Lamp Antiques. {can't wait to wear white all summer}

Color + Color

Thought I'd share something I've been working on, that is easy + fun! All you need is prisma color markers, card stock, + xacto knife. Then cut + paste. Great for cards, or mini pictures in a set. 

Weekend Activity

Need something to do in BR this weekend? Go to the Red Stick Farmer's Market! It's alot of fun, and they have an amazing variety of produce, seafood, + plants {the greek lady food is my fav}. I bet you will see someone you know, and it is a fun outing + fresh food. Sooo go support our local farmer's, go marketing + have a blast! >>>TGIF*

BR Blooms

Baton Rouge is in full bloom with amazing colors {i love colors}. Here are a few around town right now! 1. Cleome 2. Flame Flowers 3. Pink Splash 4. Purple Flower {aka unknown} 5. Geranium 6. Antique Climbing Rose 7. Spring Flower {aka unknown} 8. Mock Orange 9. Bridal Wreath 10. Pink Azalea 11. Impatien 13. Wisteria 14. Snow Drop 15. Daffodil 16. Coral Honeysuckle 17. Red Camellia 18. Peach blossoms All of these flowers can be bought at your local nursery and will blossom beautifully in your garden!

Vintage Bling

Every girl loves their jewelry! Here is some vintage jewelry love*>>> found from antique stores, estate sales, and mother/grandmother's jewelry boxes. All different styles for all different looks + styles. 1. Add-a-pearl gold+pearl chain necklace, family jewelry 2. Gold wedding ring guards, family jewelry 3. Silver and rhinestone chain + silver/pearl pendant, Chain > Aladdin's Lamp Antiques, Pendant > Flea Market in Rome, Italy 4. Faux gold + rhinestone cocktail necklace, Aladdin's Lamp Antiques 5. Gold+Diamond+Sapphire cocktail necklace, family jewelry 6. Gold mesh bracelet w/ star + double clasp, family jewelry 7. Rhinestone brooch, estate sale 8. Gold + marble stone earrings, family jewelry 9.  Faux gold + silver hoop earrings, estate sale 10. Gold chain + rhinestone bracelet, Aladdin's Lamp Antiques 11. Faux gold + enamel flower + gemstone bracelet, Aladdin's Lamp Antiques 12. Sterling silver name engraved heart charm bracelet, family jewelry 13. Wooden bead necklace, family jewelry 14. Initial Engraved metal cuff, family jewelry 

Photography + Robots

The home of two local photographers Jim + Reni Zietz {and their poodle jack}. They have simple, open spaces that are inviting and comfortable. Their house is adorned by art, books, their own photographs, and their {very cute + fun} robot collection. The best part of their home is their attention to small details, that you discover throughout the house!

Motorcycles + Southern Style

This house is located in Old Baton Rouge, and is home to a classic southern style and a Harley Davidson! {two loves in one} The home belongs to a friend {Kenny Swenson} and his family. It is a beautiful example of traditional meets pattern meets modern art. Modern art is always an excellent way to add color and something new into your house!

1. Front french double doors, brick patio, gas lantern 2. Living Room, classic french style chair, blue + white porcelain lamps, Distefano painting 3. Coffee table, antler handle magnifying glass 4. Lisa Distefano Painting 5. Open sunroom, natural linen seating, oriental rug 6. Sitting room {off the kitchen} 7. Sitting room {off the kitchen} off white canvas seating, fireplace, Kilgore painting 8. Bedroom, floral + stripe bedding, bamboo + cane furniture 9. Hallway, botanical prints 10. Bedroom, four poster bed, tall secretary, cane chair 11. Bedroom, wicker chair, family portrait

In all the house includes: living room, dinning room, sun room, kitchen, sitting room, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, outdoor pool, wood paneled walls, wood floors, brick front + back patio
This collection was started by Jack Ledford of Baton Rouge, and is now maintained by his family. Mr. Ledford had a keen interest in bonsais and made it a hobby. The process is started when the plant is young and it is placed in a shallow pot that stunts it's growth. Within Baton Rouge bonsais can be bought at Louisiana Nursery or the Wal-Mart garden center.

1. Juniper Bonsai 2. Unknown Bonsai 3. Palmetto Palm Bonsai 4. Paper Whites 5. Card Board Fern Bonsai 6. Chinese Plum Bonsai

A Beautiful Collection >>> Bugs

This beautiful collection of insects belongs to Dr. Michael L. Israel {told you to stay tuned}. Dr. Israel started his interest in insects at the age of 15 years old, and has made it a lifetime achievement. His collection includes beetles, butterflies, skippers, moths, & many other orders of insects. They have been gathered from around the world including Puerto Rico, West Indies, New York, Florida, Louisiana, Arizona, New Mexico, & Colorado. Dr. Israel received a PhD in entomology from Louisiana State University, and continues studying and researching daily. Dr. Israel also raises and releases many of the indigenous butterflies, skippers, & wild silk moths in the area each year.

1. Long-horned Beetle {middle: Cotton Wood Long-horned Beetle} 2. Foreign Butterflies {middle: Morpho Butterfly} 3. Female Stag Beetles 4. Spring Azures Butterflies 5. Swallowtails 6. Albino Female Alfalfa Butterflies 7. Dog Face Butterflies 8. Alfalfa Butterflies

How to Wear >>> Vintage

Add some vintage fun to your wardrobe! Once you find a great piece mix it in with your day-to-day wardrobe to create an exciting outfit!

Vintage is great for 3 reasons: 1. It's unique/ one-of-a-kind/ you won't see your twin out and about 2. It's inexpensive 3. It's timeless

Here's a new spring outfit with a vintage twist. 1. Dillard's, Kenneth Cole New York Hammered Hoop Earrings, $26 2. America's Thrift, Vintage Sunny South 3/4 sleeve, $4.35 3. OnlineKuyichi's Lisa Skinny Leg Organic White Jeans, $150 4. Dillard's,  Jessica Simpson "Katona" Wedge Sandals, $79 5. Dillard's, Jessica Simpson 4-Piece Bangle Bracelet Set, $32 6.Dillard'sAnna & Ava Rhinestone-Accent White Enamel Hinge Bracelet, $20 7. Macy'sLacoste Watch, Men's Striped Grosgrain Strap, $255   

A Bug's Home>>>Asphodel Plantation

Dr. Israel has been an uncle to me, and I have been able to enjoy the house & property most of my childhood. This beautiful traditional southern home and owner has taught me so much about history and nature. My favorite is the incredible insect collection that Dr. Israel has spent a lifetime acquiring, keep posted for a closer look at his collection! Hope you enjoy a peek at a part of Louisiana history!