A Bug's Home>>>Asphodel Plantation

Dr. Israel has been an uncle to me, and I have been able to enjoy the house & property most of my childhood. This beautiful traditional southern home and owner has taught me so much about history and nature. My favorite is the incredible insect collection that Dr. Israel has spent a lifetime acquiring, keep posted for a closer look at his collection! Hope you enjoy a peek at a part of Louisiana history!


  1. I love it!!!! Makes me want to come for another visit soon!!!

  2. This is fab, Logan. Love it.

  3. So glad I got to meet Michael through your blog. Your Mom Lindsay and Michael sent me loads of fabric that belonged to Michael's mom, Laura to use in my fiber art. This is great to see. Thanks

  4. Michael if you read this Jon and I send our regards

    1. http://www.steveroman.naturescapes.net/portfolios/portfolio.php?cat=10905

  5. ELIZABETH MCQUEENJune 12, 2017 at 1:53 PM

    Dr. Israel, I will assume you are familiar with the Smith sisters who lived in your lovely home many years ago and the stories that followed them. 1. they went barefoot all the time. 2. They never left the property except one went into Clinton once. 3. There are/ are were not mosquitoes on the property. Could you confirm or deny any one or all of these, please? Thank you very much, Elizabeth