Motorcycles + Southern Style

This house is located in Old Baton Rouge, and is home to a classic southern style and a Harley Davidson! {two loves in one} The home belongs to a friend {Kenny Swenson} and his family. It is a beautiful example of traditional meets pattern meets modern art. Modern art is always an excellent way to add color and something new into your house!

1. Front french double doors, brick patio, gas lantern 2. Living Room, classic french style chair, blue + white porcelain lamps, Distefano painting 3. Coffee table, antler handle magnifying glass 4. Lisa Distefano Painting 5. Open sunroom, natural linen seating, oriental rug 6. Sitting room {off the kitchen} 7. Sitting room {off the kitchen} off white canvas seating, fireplace, Kilgore painting 8. Bedroom, floral + stripe bedding, bamboo + cane furniture 9. Hallway, botanical prints 10. Bedroom, four poster bed, tall secretary, cane chair 11. Bedroom, wicker chair, family portrait

In all the house includes: living room, dinning room, sun room, kitchen, sitting room, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, outdoor pool, wood paneled walls, wood floors, brick front + back patio

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