Vintage Bling

Every girl loves their jewelry! Here is some vintage jewelry love*>>> found from antique stores, estate sales, and mother/grandmother's jewelry boxes. All different styles for all different looks + styles. 1. Add-a-pearl gold+pearl chain necklace, family jewelry 2. Gold wedding ring guards, family jewelry 3. Silver and rhinestone chain + silver/pearl pendant, Chain > Aladdin's Lamp Antiques, Pendant > Flea Market in Rome, Italy 4. Faux gold + rhinestone cocktail necklace, Aladdin's Lamp Antiques 5. Gold+Diamond+Sapphire cocktail necklace, family jewelry 6. Gold mesh bracelet w/ star + double clasp, family jewelry 7. Rhinestone brooch, estate sale 8. Gold + marble stone earrings, family jewelry 9.  Faux gold + silver hoop earrings, estate sale 10. Gold chain + rhinestone bracelet, Aladdin's Lamp Antiques 11. Faux gold + enamel flower + gemstone bracelet, Aladdin's Lamp Antiques 12. Sterling silver name engraved heart charm bracelet, family jewelry 13. Wooden bead necklace, family jewelry 14. Initial Engraved metal cuff, family jewelry 

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