A Beautiful Collection >>> Bugs

This beautiful collection of insects belongs to Dr. Michael L. Israel {told you to stay tuned}. Dr. Israel started his interest in insects at the age of 15 years old, and has made it a lifetime achievement. His collection includes beetles, butterflies, skippers, moths, & many other orders of insects. They have been gathered from around the world including Puerto Rico, West Indies, New York, Florida, Louisiana, Arizona, New Mexico, & Colorado. Dr. Israel received a PhD in entomology from Louisiana State University, and continues studying and researching daily. Dr. Israel also raises and releases many of the indigenous butterflies, skippers, & wild silk moths in the area each year.

1. Long-horned Beetle {middle: Cotton Wood Long-horned Beetle} 2. Foreign Butterflies {middle: Morpho Butterfly} 3. Female Stag Beetles 4. Spring Azures Butterflies 5. Swallowtails 6. Albino Female Alfalfa Butterflies 7. Dog Face Butterflies 8. Alfalfa Butterflies