Who in your family gets to hold onto each side of this infamous bone? Usually it's my Dad and one of the 3 children. Of course it's all about superstition {but it's still fun}. Again, can't wait for Thanksgiving + LSU football {yay}. I'm disappearing for the next 2 days. Everyone have a wonderful holiday! Don't forget your fat pants!


Staring down into Lafayette Square today from my office. The weather is gross, it's cold, my nose is running {blah}. I went on a hiatus yesterday, the pre-holiday craziness is looming in the air like a rain cloud just waiting for the perfect time to open up + down pour. Thought this picture was appropriate to set the mood of the city today {murky, windy, quiet}. On a happy note, it is almost Thanksgiving {my second favorite holiday to Halloween}. I love love love {love} the Thanksgiving food my mother + family make. I look forward to it every year {Mom you are the best}. Oyster dressing anyone {enough said}. More on Thanksgiving later this week. Happy {or dreary} Tuesday!

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This weekend is the long awaited Po-Boy Fest {salivating}. Starts Sunday at 10am {you can have lunch + come back for dinner, ride your bike you'll work it off}. Go visit my boys at Blue Oak BBQ, they will have a Caribbean Pork Po-Boy. All in all it's a fun festival, Oak St. turns into a mass sea of  po-boy coma people full of beer, bread, + meat {who doesn't want to be in a po-boy coma trance}. You are guaranteed to run into about 10 people you know + will not leave disappointed. The Saints played last night + won {yay, Who Dat} so there is no excuse not to pay Oak St. a visit. TGIF people.


It goes without saying today {or maybe it does need to be said} WHO DAT! Tonight the Saints + the Falcons will head it off for the second time this season {say a Hail Mary}. Do I post enough about football {I don't think so}? Think it's safe to say I LOVE IT! WHO DAT? WHO DAT? WHO DAT SAY DEY GONNA BEAT DEM SAINTS?


The colors, the textures, the delicateness of this door + facade stopped me in my tracks {again, yes I know, this happens a lot to me, I get my breath taken away by these things + I just have to stop}. I was walking home on Pyrtania St. + noticed this house. It needed some love for sure, but there was something about the door that I would not change. It is perfect in my eyes. The surrounding exterior walls were white plank board + the right side of the house was a faded shade of dusty pink. It almost looked like a doll house with it's pastel colors, each side + story was painted a different color. It seemed abandoned, but who knows with these houses. New Orleans has a way of having a hard facade, but you walk into the house + low + behold it's amazing. Similar to an amethyst, you cannot see the beauty of it until you crack it open + reveal what lays inside. Anyway, I digress {the thought train continues}.

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So here is an update on the progress of my painting collection {yay}. A friend of mine commissioned me to paint her something for her new house {it's so cute}. The one thing she told me was "Logan, I like color + want lots of color." I slightly winced when she requested this, not because I thought it was a bad idea, but because I like to paint neutrals + have not really ventured into color. I told her I don't use a lot of color + she said she knew that, but oh well that was what she wanted. So I took on the challenge + pushed myself to venture into the wonderful world of color. We sat down + picked out a color scheme to stick to, I bought some new paint + went for it. Voila. 

I have been working pretty consistently on painting the past 6 months + will update my portfolio site soon {hopefully} with all my new work. 

Thank you Taylor for challenging me with color, I needed it.

Places I get art inspiration from are The Jealous Curator // My Art Board // Booooooom.


So how many times can you blog about Monday + how many times can you blog about the rain {I do lots}? BUT Monday + the rain together, double whammy right there. What a morning! Just watched a scary dark grey water spout cloud gallop up the river {the things you see from your office window, always entertaining}. Yay for Monday! On a happy note, the Saints won! WHO DAT! 


Son of a fish, it's Friday! Love these fish. They are always a convo starter when anyone new comes to the house {another example of my adoration for installation art}. Again, I like creating pieces that are thought provoking.

I found these plaster fish at a thrift store, they looked so lonely sitting in the corner {no one wanted them, sad}. BUT as soon as I saw them, it was love at first sight. I talked the dealer down on price + asked where they came from. He relayed their story to me + explained how they use to hang from the ceiling in an old fishing + hunting shop. Made sense, since they were painted like lures straight from the 80's, metallic blue airbrush paint + all. They were about 4 ft. long each + I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them. I have to say their makeover came out better than I thought {a little spray paint, painter's tape, + newspaper}. With 14 ft. ceilings + lots of wall space, they fit perfectly in our kitchen above our dinning table {such a good statement piece}.

Anywho, never disregard the weird large object sitting in the corner at a vintage/thrift/antique shop. Things can always be restored + reinvented into something beautiful.

As for Interiors Blogs my current favs are Design Sponge // Lonny // Rue. Enjoy, TGIF!

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A salute to Americans + Pop Art + Barq's Root Beer {I love all 3}. My obsession with Pop Art began when I was a 14 year old nerdy art girl in high school {it was like Warhol hit me upside the head with a ton of bricks}. I was in love + even would have died to be one of Litchenstein's girls frozen in a picture crying my eyes out. Ever since then I have had a bi polarness to me, a torn personality per say. I love traditional art {painting} BUT then go crazy for the non traditional art {pop art + bizarre installation art}. 

I created this installation art piece in my house against a section of wall in my hallway. I had collected these bottles + wanted to create a simple but thought provoking piece that people would stop + look at while walking through the house. I found it quite humorous that there was only one lonely blue bottle. Instantly after making this observation, I knew I wanted to create an abstraction of the American flag {a salute to our country}. After installing it with the help of my dear friend Joan, I knew it was just right, 3 simple rows of 8 {perfect}. Think Warhol's Soup Cans had any influence over me? 

I hope to start slowly sharing the pieces of my home that I have carefully put together, stay tuned!

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I used to ask my Mother this question every morning before getting dressed for school in the winter. Pretty sure I drove her up the wall with that {+ led my Dad to teaching me how to navigate}. The answer is YES! So very excited, love love love the cold weather. I think it is because cold clothes/fashion is my favorite. I like layering with sweaters + boots + jackets + scarves {I could go on + on }. Most of the vintage clothes I own are for the cold, sweaters + coats never go out of style {in my opinion}. Im hoping to share some of my favorites later this week {stay tuned}.

The few things I have bought to update my winter closet so far this  year are here


I am always trying to think of fun things to put around my house, to modernize + personalize the feng shui. One of these items {that has become a favorite} sits on our bar behind the drink tray. It's a framed picture of my partner in crime + I's signatures with a kiss {in our fav lip shade of course}. This puts the phrase "sealed with a kiss" into literal form. I matted this piece in white then placed it in a thin square frame {it's a light natural wood color}. It's modern, personal, + a pop of color. Can't go wrong + takes about 10 minutes to make {super easy}. Yay for DIY!

A few other DIY sites I love are Swell Mayde // P.S. I made this // A Subtle Revelry enjoy!

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To color or not to color, that is the question. If you know me, you know, that I wear a lot of black {it's my fav, so classic}. BUT every once in awhile I will wear something bright + poppy {whoa}. I like to keep this surprise element going {keeps people guessing}. It also intrigues me to mix it up more. This goes for home decor as well, or anything really {gifts, art, etc….}.

So the question is, how do you know when to pop + what colors look good together? It is something that I'm constantly learning + always looking for. I try and take notice of things I see {like this blue house + pink gutter}, + keep them in the memory bank {or in my phone camera roll}. Also, trial + error is huge for me, I almost never go with my first choice, edit + revise is a must. There are also a few blogs + sites I look at to get color inspiration. Adobe has a site Kuler that has a color picker along with a gallery of color schemes you can scroll through {you'll get sucked in}. A blog I adore, pulls color schemes from photos + art, Color Collective {good stuff here}. Also, last but not least for more color excitement check out domino + I's collaborative Pinterest board POP OF COLOR. Happy Monday!

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It is almost here. The day that this southern encounter rears it's ugly head {it's a big deal}. Every year Tiger fans + Bama fans glue their eyes {+ whole being} to one game {it's intense}. I get a little competitive when it comes to football, I love my team with my whole heart + soul. I of course have my superstitions + rituals I do every game day {I wear all black on game day, yes it's strange but it's my thing}. So all I have to say is, say a Hail Mary {or 20}, do your ritual to the T {don't mess it up}, cross all fingers + toes, + for God's sake GEAUX TIGERS! {+ I'll withhold all ugly comments about the opposing team, because I'm a good sport…..maybe}.


I will never get used to Daylight Savings. The fact that it feels like 9PM when I am going home from work is super depressing {+ makes me tired earlier}. I know after a week or two my body + mind will adjust to it, BUT for now it's messing with my head. I am excited about the weather getting cooler {yay for winter}. It's almost Friday yay{Geaux Tigers, seriously everyone say a prayer, this is the big one}!


So very very excited to announce my newest collaboration with domino via Pinterest!

domino was {+ still is} my favorite magazine, + they are back in full swing + I'm beaming {+ jumping up + down like a little girl}. When they first started in 2005 I bought every issue + the stack is in my house to this day {+ I still read them}. They have such great taste, everything from interiors to art to entertaining {so much fun}. You can pick up their magazine {in New Orleans} at Barnes + Noble {go get it, you'll be drooling}. 

Together, domino + I have created a POP OF COLOR inspiration board on Pinterest, so check it out. It's a mix of domino + Design Twig + other inspiring blogs + photos that I love. Hope it's inspiring!

Happy hump day.

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Time to ship shape things up. This week for me is all about organizing {work, art, life, EVERYTHING}. I've got some really exciting things coming down the pipeline + need to just get things all in order. It's hard sometimes to try + do everything you want to do. I'm def a YES person, I say YES to most everything {not because I can't say no, but because I literally want to do it all}. So then after agreeing to many things at once, I usually have a whoa moment + I just have to hunker down + organize my time. Make lists + do each one on it {but make a realistic list, don't put 50 things on it for the day, go day by day}. My calendar + notes app on my phone {with alarm reminders} save me everyday from going coo coo {+ forgetting things}. Also, I try to take a little time each day just for me, watch TV for 15 minutes , go run, sit outside, etc. This is relaxing + gives you time to breathe. So yay for organization, have a joyous Tuesday.


Another whirlwind weekend {it was a blast, who needs sleep right?}. Costume party + engagement party {congrats Kate + Matt} + VooDoo Fest {I heart music festivals}. 

VooDoo really was so much fun {especially when you go on a whim}. We saw Kid Rock, The Cure, Moon Taxi, Beats Antique, Dr. John, + BassNectar. My favorite was BassNectar {I've come to love electronic music}. There is nothing like music festivals, I forget how much I enjoy them {I need to go to more}.

Anywho, back to the real world, happy Monday!

CocoRosie at Tipitina's tonight anyone {yes I'm serious}?

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It's Friday {yaaaay, you say in a somewhat enthusiastic but slightly tired voice, since last night was halloween}. This week has been a whirlwind {what week isn't?}. One thing I have made sure I did is walk home from work {gasp, what?}. It's really not bad, takes about 20/25 minutes + is actually very relaxing. I call friends {or my mother} + catch up or just walk silently + take in the street sounds. Everytime I have walked home this week I see something different that I did not see the day before {it is quite refreshing}. Yesterday {on my mad dash home to finish my costume}, I saw this small door on the tin facade of a house. The color combo was breath taking. The light pink with a bright shade of sherbet pink + the little blue mailbox cover {my favorite part} is perfect. I love that this house facade could very well look run down + super sketchy from the material choices, BUT someone took the time to meticulously choose color + paint it {makes a world of difference, the power of paint people}. Anywho, when you are walking around New Orleans {or your own city}, walk silently + take time to notice the street {look + listen}. TGIF + WHO DAT!

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