So here is an update on the progress of my painting collection {yay}. A friend of mine commissioned me to paint her something for her new house {it's so cute}. The one thing she told me was "Logan, I like color + want lots of color." I slightly winced when she requested this, not because I thought it was a bad idea, but because I like to paint neutrals + have not really ventured into color. I told her I don't use a lot of color + she said she knew that, but oh well that was what she wanted. So I took on the challenge + pushed myself to venture into the wonderful world of color. We sat down + picked out a color scheme to stick to, I bought some new paint + went for it. Voila. 

I have been working pretty consistently on painting the past 6 months + will update my portfolio site soon {hopefully} with all my new work. 

Thank you Taylor for challenging me with color, I needed it.

Places I get art inspiration from are The Jealous Curator // My Art Board // Booooooom.

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