To color or not to color, that is the question. If you know me, you know, that I wear a lot of black {it's my fav, so classic}. BUT every once in awhile I will wear something bright + poppy {whoa}. I like to keep this surprise element going {keeps people guessing}. It also intrigues me to mix it up more. This goes for home decor as well, or anything really {gifts, art, etc….}.

So the question is, how do you know when to pop + what colors look good together? It is something that I'm constantly learning + always looking for. I try and take notice of things I see {like this blue house + pink gutter}, + keep them in the memory bank {or in my phone camera roll}. Also, trial + error is huge for me, I almost never go with my first choice, edit + revise is a must. There are also a few blogs + sites I look at to get color inspiration. Adobe has a site Kuler that has a color picker along with a gallery of color schemes you can scroll through {you'll get sucked in}. A blog I adore, pulls color schemes from photos + art, Color Collective {good stuff here}. Also, last but not least for more color excitement check out domino + I's collaborative Pinterest board POP OF COLOR. Happy Monday!

All photographs are taken with an iphone 4 + VSCOcam app.

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