Everyone needs a fruit tree in their yard. Citrus trees do really well in the South + seem to be the most popular, BUT we actually have a Loquat tree also known as Japanese Plums {confession, it's not technically in our yard but it hangs over the fence}. They are sweet + a little tart {yes there is a pit, but it's worth it}. They are a beautiful color + the way they contrast against their dark leaves is eye catching. These are found throughout New Orleans, if you see it pick on + try it. Happy Thursday + Jazz Fest starts tomorrow {hip hip hooray}.

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Most people know I'm a huge fan of the color black. It is not uncommon to see me dressed in all black, BUT as of the past year{ish} something else has creeped into my obsession pool, STRIPES. They are classic + come in many colors {including black}. Maybe stripes are the new black {even though they could never replace my love for black}. Here are my stripe favorites for this summer  St. James Meridien II Shirt // J.Crew Rash Guard Top // Zara Striped Trousers // Oscar de la Renta Strapless Stripe Ball Gown {splurge}. Happy Tuesday + 3 days till Jazz Fest!


For Easter + Spring at my parents house we try to soak up as much of the wonderful weather as possible. My mother has wonderful taste in table accessories + decor. Both the tablecloth {similar} + napkins {similar} are from Anthropologie. The silver is Repousse style. The weekend was perfect, full of long meals, hilarious conversations, + naps with classic movies {my favorite}. I finally indulged in all the things I gave up for lent, {coffee + meat + eggs + dairy} it was delicious! Happy Monday + Jazz Fest is coming soon {cannot wait}!

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These sandals have been + are my tried + true spring + summer shoes. They literally go with everything + are extremely comfortable + form to your foot. Birkenstocks have been around for a good bit + I've had a pair every year since I was 14 years old. I adore them. This particular pair has traveled Europe with me, been to multiple beaches, gone on hiking + camping, powered through Mardi Gras + Jazz Fest {I could go on + on}. These are the Kairo Woven Flat Sandal, I'm thinking about getting a pair of Gizeh Sandals for the summer as well {we will see}. TGIF + Happy Good Friday + have a wonderful Easter!

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Although, it does not feel like it {this weather is depressing} it is shorts season! Nothing like a good pair of shorts. Weekend, running, festivals, camping, beach, vacation {I could go on + on}, you always need a good pair of shorts. Can not wait for this weather to lift + let my legs breath + catch some sun {Lord knows they need it, my mother sometimes refers to me as ghost, yikes}. Some of my favorites are below. Happy Hump Day! Don't forget about Wednesday at the Square in Lafayette Square starts at 5pm.


This weekend was another whirlwind {isn't it always}. Friday, friends of mine + I went to French Quarter Festival + then in grand tourist style went + had oysters at Bourbon House on Iberville + ended late wandering in the Quarter. The night was wonderful. The French Quarter is always fun {sometimes you get lost in it} + I always go somewhere I have never been. Next big push is Easter! Happy Monday.

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Today is just singing. These are the clouds outside my office window + they are lovely, just lovely. They are slowly drifting through the sky following the river. Clouds are a wondrous magical thing {they sometimes speak to you, or maybe I'm just a little crazy, either way}. It is Friday {thank the Lord} + this weekend is French Quarter Fest in New Orleans. Every year it has gotten bigger + better. Very much looking forward to enjoying the music + food + friends in town. TGIF + have a wonderful weekend.

All photographs are taken with an iphone 5s + VSCOcam app.