The 4th of July celebration + weekend was great {lots of food + food}. I always love when grocery stores create flower bouquets that go with the holiday at hand. Rouses had some pretty red, white + blue bunches. So I grabbed them + made a little flower wreath for my hair to get into the holiday spirit. Very easy to make, takes about 15 mins. All you need is some wire + scissors {+ flowers of course}. Cut flowers with a 2-3 in stem piece, wire 2 flowers together, take two more + slide them further down on the stems from the first 2, then wire those together. Keep going + eventually you will create a long wired rope of flowers, attach the ends + voila a masterpiece of flowers to adorn your head. Happy Monday!

All photographs are taken with an iphone 5s + VSCOcam app. All work is Copyright ©2014 Logan Ledford.

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