So a dear friend of mine, Taylor Roberts, has started painting, and her work is quite impressive. She asked if I would design a logo for her, so she would have proper business cards, and of course I jumped. I always enjoy designing for friends. Taylor's work is beautiful, using clean colors and texture. {sneak peek of her work above} Anywho, she will be showing her work at White Linen Night this weekend in New Orleans at the new Aunt Sally's Pralines shop on St. Charles + Julia. So stop by and check her out, and can't wait for White Linen Night. If you have any inquiries about Taylor's work you can contact her here.


So lately, I just have not been able to sleep because my brain has been on non stop! I've been painting, drawing, blogging, tweeting (thanks Allison), I could go on & on. I guess it's been good to have my creative juices on full throatle, I get a lot done. BUT tonight I said a little prayer, "Dear Lord, please turn my brain off just for tonight, thanks, love, Logan." Goodnight


Chicago it has been real. What a wonderful city, the food, the people, everything was sincerely amazing! Snapped this picture using my VSCO Cam app, it's my fav, use it everyday! We stayed at the Sheraton downtown, they were wonderful. The Blog Her 2013 conference was a blast, met so many great people. AND last but not least enjoyed the Visit South Walton party, so fun. BUT alas, it is good to be back home in New Orleans, always love returning to this city after a trip. New Orleans I love you & goodnight!

All photographs are taken with an iphone 4 + VSCOcam app.


Having a great time at Blog Her 2013. I'm super excited about the VIP Visit South Walton White Beach Party tonight, I've got my all white outfit picked out. It'll be fun to meet even more bloggers and continue the mix & mingle dance. White sand & blue water here I come!


So excited today to be in Chicago for the Blog Her 2013 convention. We flew from New Orleans to Chicago, and are starting to mix & mingle today. Steve Harvey thanks for my 'stache! I look forward to meeting with fellow bloggers.


So this spring & summer I have really been enjoying oysters! They are just so good I can't help it. So far I have been to BorgneCooter Browns, Acme, & Superior Seafood in New Orleans, and Topolobampo in Chicago. All are wonderful, and each place has their own twist on the way they prepare and serve them. Hooray for oysters!