I frequently take the streetcar home from work downtown {another perk of downtown}. It is only a few more extra blocks to walk than the bus + it is calm and quite {at least in my head, decompression time}. The other day when I jumped on at Lafayette Square, I walked down the aisle looking for an empty seat + found one somewhere in the middle + sat down. I always stare out the window + on this particular day, I looked down + saw this. Now, I don't condone graffiti or vandalizing public property, BUT I was so thankful someone had written explicit directions for me to follow on my ride home. I felt my phone ringing in my pocket, I just let it go to VM + sat + listened. The calmness you get from not looking at your phone, not thinking about the million things you have to do + taking deep breaths is wonderful. So thank you to whomever wrote this, you inspired me to step away from the world + be still for a single streetcar ride. TGIF!

All photographs are taken with an iphone 5s + VSCOcam app.

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