Back to life, back to reality {yes, I know cheesy, but I had to}. Ever since basically Halloween, I have been in holiday run around mode. Especially in the past 2 weeks, I can't even remember what I did {all the days run together}. SO, now that things + the holidays are over {until Mardi Gras} I can breathe + come back down to reality for a little bit. Time to organize, straighten, + take care of some figurative paper work. I also wanted to venture into doing more reading + research on creative communities that are out there. This group, Creative Mornings, has speakers from around the world giving talks on what they do + how they got there {very inspiring}. McSweeny's Internet Tendancy site is a good daily humor read if you need a good laugh in the mornings. Lastly, if you are looking for a fun project on a global scale check out The Sketchbook Project, they are everything from painting to writing + lets you work with people around the globe {it's really fun}. Anywho, hopefully those sites will help give you the energy boost you need to push on into 2014! 

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