So, now is summer really really over now that Labor Day has passed? Who knows when the actual end of summer is. BUT one thing I do know is that I spent my summer in this swim suit. I never thought I would convert back to one pieces so soon in my life {from when you were 3yrs.}, but I loved it! When the thought first popped into my head early summer about trying one of these out, I asked a friend what she thought. Her response was "Girl, I've been rockin' a one piece for the past 3 years {we are in our mid 20s}." So, ok this was a good new style venture for me to take. 

The one I landed on was from J. Crew, can't go wrong with this classic {in black tulle}, you can find it here.

I wore it to most events that required a suit {unless I needed some extra sun}, and got nothing but compliments. A few guy friends even noticed and asked if I was bringing the Marilyn Monroe vibe back, yes & yes was my reply. So needless to say the venture was a success, you can wear a one piece in your mid 20s + still be cool.

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