The Tigers won, the Saints won {thank God}, so we are all happy this Monday morning. The weekend was a success. Something that I've been thinking about since last week, is the inherently good. According to John Locke all of mankind is born inherently good {I too hold this belief}. 

Last week I was waiting in line to order some soup + a sandwich at Between the Bread downtown {one of my favs}. I ordered + the man behind taps me on the shoulder and states he would really like to buy my lunch. I hesitated + looked at him {probably oddly} and say oh no that was not necessary but thank you so much. He then insisted that he wanted to and needed to finish out his business trip meals. So then I very cautiously accepted {of course I'm thinking to myself that there is some hidden agenda, I'm a skeptic}. I waited for him to ask me for my number or ask if I wanted to sit with him. He did not. I told him thank you so much a couple of times, + went to sit with some girls from my office. He simply just wanted to be nice and buy my lunch for me {so nice}.

So this has really stuck with me, there are inherently good people out there, they have no hidden agenda, they just want to be nice. It has made me be more aware of my behavior towards strangers, and I too will buy someone lunch this week to return the favor {semi pay it forward act}. Anyway, hope this has inspired you to believe in the good of people + also in return be good to others {it makes people's day better}. Happy Monday.

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