So yes, I may have jump the gun a little bit, but I'm so ready for boot weather {a little too ready, but I wouldn't be my father's daughter without being overly prepared}. The weather the past couple of weeks {as most of us know in south Louisiana} has been very wet. I was determined to tailgate this past weekend {rain or shine, do you have a choice?}. So therefore, you need rain boots. Well my pair from college finally bit the dust {thank god, the leopard had to go}. So I started searching for a new pair. I wanted something simple, classic, + black. I grew up around horses {thanks to my mother} + even rode English for awhile, so I landed on these simple rubber riding boots from Dover Saddlery. Yes, I know they are riding boots, BUT they go with my winter style to a T {black skinny pants / oversized sweater / boots} {so you really can't go wrong}. They fit like a glove + don't even look like rubber. I wore them to tailgate, to the game, + really all weekend with skirts and shorts {I got a million compliments}. So these will be my new favorites for the upcoming boot season {winter}. You can get them here or extended calf here {they run small in the calf so measure first!}. Yay for boot season!

Big Thanks to Dover Saddlery for rush shipping these to me for game day, y'alls customer service is wonderful!

All photographs are taken with an iphone 4 + VSCOcam app.

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