The weekend was so great {really fun}. Wedding festivities + college friends + Book of Mormon {amazing} + the Saenger Theater + the Joy Theater. All in all, bomb.

The Book of Mormon was sincerely funny, I'm not super into funny and don't even think most comedy is funny {gasp, I know}, BUT this show made me laugh. The Saenger looked beautiful, they did such a great job renovating it. Our seats were good, really good weekend event.

After, we got to hop across the street + check out the Joy Theater {which I didn't even know was open yet, BUT it is}. That space is legit too + sounds awesome. We were like 12 year olds in an empty gym. It's always fun to see those spaces with no people in them {gives you a whole different perspective}. So go check out the Joy Theater, they have good stuff going on.

Happy Monday!

All photographs are taken with an iphone 4 + VSCOcam app.

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