Every once in awhile I catch myself running around like a bat out of hell, my mind racing, trying to do {+ think of} a million things at once {don't lie you know what I'm talking about}. I like to do everything I'm asked to do, to try + accommodate everyone {pretty sure I've inherited this from my mother, although she does this much more gracefully than I, a saint she is}. So back to catching myself, when I come to that whoa what am I doing moment, I usually stop, take a deep breath, + take one thing at a time {+ tell myself to just chill the **** out, no one wants to be around a crazy lady}. Once I get into a calmer state, I notice the little things more + the day becomes more simple. The simple things that are pretty + intriguing {like these rocks I found}. The combo of the stained wood with white rocks {to me} is breath taking {+ yes, simple}. 

So long story short {I'm bad at telling short stories, ask anyone} take time to stop being a crazy chicken + notice the simple things around you, they will most undoubtedly surprise you {+ maybe even lead you in a new direction}. That is the rant {or wisdom, however you see it} of the day. Ta ta.

TONIGHT, if you like films go to Prytania Theater for the last night of Nola Film Fest. I'm going to see the second viewing of Father-Like Son @ 9:30PM, some of my very talented friends directed + produced it. Do it!

All photographs are taken with an iphone 4 + VSCOcam app.

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