Some people have dogs or cats or both, I have plants {and yes we call them the babies}. I grew up with gardens and a well manicured front + back lawn. Even some Saturdays were spent working in the garden + dragging sticks from the backyard to the street {not my favorite thing, but hopefully it built some character}. Now, I don't have a yard, but a wonderful deck and have grown quite a bit in pots to carry on the garden growing thumb I received from my parents. For the New Orleans summer I have been growing mostly herbs {Rosemary, Lavender, Basil, Mint, Oregano, + Chives}, but tomatoes also love our summer heat. It is fun to cook with my own herbs + veggies {makes you proud + impresses your dinner guests}. My go to here in New Orleans is Urban Roots {on Tchoupitoulas}, they are super helpful + nice. So I encourage all to give it a whirl!

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