Summer is over {wait when did it start, I must have missed it, it drove by like a bat out of Hades}. Oh well, we have fall + football to look forward to. But to look back, I enjoyed the dinner parties + get togethers I had with family + friends the most. It was relaxing in it's own way {but too short}.

I most enjoy being at home in Baton Rouge, and having a big dinner party in my family's garden. I usually spend the afternoon setting up a table and ten canopy out of old sheets, hang flags + banners, + decorate the table with whatever is available in their garden. Here, I shaped some chicken wire into round tubes to hold some shrimp flowers, berries, river cane, + babies breath {it continued the length of the table}. It was a warm night but candle lit none the less. Bye summer {you will be missed}.

All photographs are taken with an iphone 4 + VSCOcam app.

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