This weekend was wonderfully calm + thought provoking, spent with some truly great people. There was sunshine + rain {I honestly think I prefer the rain}, it's quiet, cool, + whispers to you. We also spent a good part of Saturday night mapping out the stars and pointing at planets {you forget how many there are when you are in the city} it's a whole new sky that looks beautifully freckled. The short time spent outside of {at times chaotic} New Orleans was prefect. Thank you to the Mohrs for letting us enjoy their camp at False River, and we send our best to Michael {dear old friend} you will be missed.

All photographs are taken with an iphone 4 + VSCOcam app.

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  1. Sweet girls, I love reading your blog posts. Such beautiful words and thoughts you share and the photos and art you put in are so beautiful. I spent a long time checking them out to the inception of your blog and highly enjoyed it
    -Em Lomax Gonso :)