What can I say, I HEART PINTEREST {most of us do right?}. It is my best friend forever, not really {but really}. I started my account when it first came out in 2010 during it's beta phase, a friend of mine had discovered it + introduced me. Once I was sent my verification code, I fell in love, head over heels, obsessed. Since I'm in the creative profession + it is a strictly visual social channel, we were a perfect match.

Now I use Pinterest for pretty much everything, work inspiration, closet go to items, etc {it is part of my daily routine}. I wake up in the morning {hmm what should I wear?} open my Pinterest mobile app, scroll through my fashion board {ah ha, I have something like that} then jump out of bed get dressed + go to work. At work, it is one of my main screens up at all times so I can use it for work project inspiration {along with a little personal inspiration as well}. I also use it to keep up with what is new in the advertising + design world {gotta keep up with the Joneses}. I use it to promote my blog + photos from my VSCO Grid. Then at home later, it is my night time reading {except not reading, pinning} then sleep time. 

I'm seriously addicted {the first step is admitting you have a problem, right?}. Don't know what I would do without it, it's my BFF, not really {but really}. Ok enough raving, follow me here.

P.S. I also curate my company's Pinterest account here + Jessica's account is here. Enjoy!

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