It has been a busy bee week, BUT it is all coming together. This past weekend I went on a thrift store excursion + found some great things. My favorite thrift stores in New Orleans are The Salvation Army // Pelican Thrift // Red White & Blue Thrift. This lot I snatched up on Saturday cost me a grand total of $15 {I love it}. I collect wooden tennis rackets, so this Wilson Chris Everett Championship racket will join my little group. Every house here needs a little touch of religion, so hence the brass crucifix {+ I just realized I don't have a cross in my house, yikes}. The little brass trumpet was so cute, BUT wait stand it up + it's a candle holder {didn't get that till I got home}. Lastly, I can never have enough trays, this one is wooden with a silver rim + hand painted crest + initials {not my initials but close enough, we'll go with it}. All in all a successful thrift day! The rug is a South African Springbok from Worldwide Wildlife Products. Happy Hump Day!

All photographs are taken with an iphone 5s + VSCOcam app. All work is Copyright ©2014 Logan Ledford.

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