These are the two little deer antlers that hang above my bed. They are like brothers {one is the tall lanky one + the other is the shorter rounder one}. Regardless they are precious. They were given to me by my uncle, who acquired them from his property, Asphodel Plantation. I love antlers + taxidermy + animal skulls, something about them seems historical + reminiscent. They mix in well with an eclectic  house where you mix + match styles {like my own house}. I'm hoping to update my portfolio house photos soon, as my house is ever evolving {it's a fun but slow process}.

Back to Beauty + the Beast this past weekend. There is a line in a song that Gaston sings "I use antlers in all my decorating…." My friend leaned over + poked me "that's you, that's you," she said. We both giggled under our breath.

HUMP DAY, yay.

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