Prettty>>>Flower Frogs

Spring is near, I can feel it {my allergies can too}. Around Baton Rouge, flowers are starting to bloom ever so slowly. Spring is one of my favorite times in Baton Rouge, the gardens and yards explode with color. There is nothing more beautiful!

Soooo, where to put all these beautiful flowers inside to brighten up your room? FLOWER FROGS are the answer. They come in all different shapes, sizes, & colors {as you can see}. You can either sink them into a vase to hold longer stems or a shallow bowl for shorter stems, OR you can just showcase them on a shelf and gawk over their uniqueness. Use one today and make your flowers extra pretttty!

All of these are vintage or antiques bought from various vendors, showcased in an Arlington Ave. home. 1. Tourquoise old round ball, floral pattern 2. Sputnik inspired, green, California Pottery vase 3. Roseville Donatello, orange + green, 1915 4. Vintage, green, metal flower florist frog 5. Vintage, Kellogg Vase, speckled blue 6. Vintage Pottery, green, Lily Pad frog 7. Blue Hill Pottery, Maine, blue 8. Van Briggle Pottery Co., Colorado Springs, Green + brown 9. Vintage Czechoslovakian, orange + white

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