Get Hooked>>>Hooked Rugs

These vintage hooked rugs look great in any house at any size. They add color and pattern to the floor! Created in the 70's, they took a long time to make, sometimes even up to a year or two. Made from strips of 100% wool, that were then hooked into monks cloth and bound around the back edges with twill tape. Constructed by a Louisianian Betty Bullock, it was one of her life hobbies. Durable and fashionable, if you have any hiding in your closet pull them out and sport em'! 

1. Flower pattern, off white + yellow + red + green, 3.5' x 5.75' by Betty Bullock. 2. Oriental pattern, light blue + dark blue + off white + yellow + light green + red, 2.5' x 4' 3 by Betty Bullock. 3. Family Tree pattern, off white + black + green + light green + red, 2.5' x 3.25' {this rug is personalized with Betty and her husbands initials in the tree and her children's initials in the apples} by Betty Bullock.

I am happy to claim Mrs. Betty Carter Bullock as my grandmother, Moo. She is a wonderfully loving and creative woman, who also has a classic style. She now lives in Shreveport, LA and has given us her beautiful rugs which lay in our Baton Rouge home.