So, on top of having fun doing some liquor sketches, I wanted to share what we keep on hand at my house in the bar! It is a little bit of everything, which is what our grandparents generation does, to make sure they can provide for any guest! It is the most polite thing to do, I think. First off, I am a tried and true vodka girl, these days I've been into Rain, an organic vodka, it's light, refreshing, and won't break the bank! Secondly, if you want something sweeter, there is Firefly. A sweet tea infused vodka, I like the skinny version it has less sugar but still the same punch, mix with water and lemon and you are golden. Next, for my dear roommate who loves gin, we keep New Amsterdam, the bottle is so sleek very art deco. For the occasional night out or house party, pass around the Fireball, take a swig and have fun. Then for dinners and some relaxing after work couch time, my go to is Cupcake Cabernet Sauvignon. Lastly, there is always some Pellegrino around, whether you just want a good glass of soda water or you are mixing a drink, it is always good! Cheers to The Washington Bar!